WP’s Sylvia Lim wants to have ‘peaceful protests’ so tat can Police practice?? *facepalm moment*

Overheard from Calvin :

The Workers Party’s Sylvia Lim suggested in Parliament today that more ‘peaceful protests’ should be allowed on designated streets in Singapore so our police can have more ‘practice’ in case there are riots in the future.

To begin with, creating possible situations for chaos so our police can have more practice is just silly. The reaction of other parliamentarians (check out the Channel News Asia video) is enough said. No need for me to elaborate.

Secondly, ‘peaceful protests’ is a myth perpetuated by Western liberals and their stooges.

To begin with, many ‘peaceful protests’ escalate out of control, as it happens when a large number of people congregate with emotions running high.

More importantly, when you camp yourself outside a public place in order to protest your cause, you are already disturbing the peace.

Your ‘right’ to protest in the business district infringes upon another person’s right to go to work in peace. (in the West, offices have to be shut down because people can’t get to work as a result of such protests).

Your right to make a lot of noise, to shout into megaphones infringes on other citizens’ right to live in peace and quiet. Your right to camp outside my house to protest your cause, infringes on my right to get in and out of my house in peace.

There are no absolute rights. The ‘rights’ that liberal extremists support in the name of civil liberties always conflict with other people’s ‘rights’.

They just don’t tell you about it.


Overheard from EC

Sylvia Lim of WP came up with a great suggestion that only she thought it was a great idea (Maybe her party had also agreed before hand). Let me sum it up simply – ‘To have more peaceful protests is to help our police to have more chances to be trained.’ (Something to this effect).In the end, DPM Teo rejected her suggestion (Good man!) & reminded her that there are other large scales of meetings for the police to have a go at them.

In between their conversations, she finally revealed about why she thought that we need to have ‘peaceful protests’ here in SG – “we don’t want damage to property or loss of life, but peaceful protests are arguably a freedom to civil liberty (that) we want to protect. ” (In her very own words)

Again, I am glad that DPM Teo had represented the majority of us in a rational manner that had suddenly deepened my not-so-deep impression of him.

Many netizens even mentioned that we should take a look at the MPs & the cabinet ministers’ expressions when Sylvia Lim shared. Many of them sniggered or smiled broadly but not LOL. If yes, we would have heard loud laughters behind her back but nope, there was not a single loud laughter heard at all.

I believe many of us felt shocked, more shocked & distasteful than feeling joyful at her daring suggestion. I personally agree that ‘peaceful protests’ are also disruptive because these unhappy folks are gathering to show off their unhappiness towards many personal reasons they have against any authority. They need to stop their own personal activities to be engaged with such protests. And who won’t be spending time to organise, to think, to hire, to announce & to advertise?

Do we prefer our dear folks be spending more time at home, spending quality time with family members & going after healthy hobbies alone or with our own loved ones/friends? What kind of Singapore do we wish to see it happens in our kids’ generation & after theirs? More & more to get involved in participating in more of such political events instead of helping to build up happier families from the bottom.

I think & I agree that Hong Lim Park is the best venue for any other alternative political group to meet & to vent out their thoughts publicly. However, to allow them to go onto the streets to protest or to allow them to stage protests outside some important buildings is a definitely NO-NO.

See how many queer looks from the onlookers when SDP’s Chee & his gang staged themselves outside some national buildings years ago! Modernisation of politics within our shore? It is happening but it shouldn’t disrupt the usual peace that most of us have come to value it dearly here.

Other countries can have their own brands & styles of politics but SG is different & should be different from them. We do have civil liberty here & we are not that restrictive yet because there is a majority of us who are still thinkers & we know how to go about getting what we hope to see it happening.


Images from repost from the net


Overheard :

  • Perhaps she can be the first MP to lead a protest to test the SOC? She may wish to show Singaporeans how to demonstrate and provide training opportunities for the SOC to shower her with the water canon, whack her with the baton and drag her “peacefully” away from the scene of protests?
  • We should routinely cut power supplies to various random constituencies to simulate power supply failure of terrorist attack on power stations..for a start, the coffee shops, CC, pubs are the candidate, do it during crucial matches of the world cup, then we can test the readiness of the various department to handle these situation in the time of real crisis!
  • In the light of this kind of logic, Singaporeans shouldn’t be complaining whenever trains breakdown or are delayed. These are real experiences for you to learn how to cope when you are inconvenienced.
  • I am thankful that I am not in parliament when she says that. Either I will scream at her or I died laughing
  • In order to promote ideas, ppl always say “there is no such thing as a stupid suggestion”.
    But in all practicality, it’s quite irresponsible to jus throw in ideas or suggestions that u have not thought through on the pros and cons.
    Especially when u r a mp, the chairperson of ur town council, etc… Even if u r an oppo mp. U should be thinking as if u r the ruling party. How would u want to improve sg? Not how would u want sg to recover from a disaster protest?
  • Definitely overpaid MP.
  • On paper and theory everything sounds possible. But I’d love to see Sylvia actually organize and execute a peaceful protest without disruption to anyone’s lives and work routine; and if there is, people who willingly accept it happily in the name of “peaceful protesting”. I wonder if she even considered the practical side of it before mentioning it in parliament.
  • Mock practice scenarios for battlefield, terrorist AND riot situations etc are being staged all the time for practice. What She is suggesting is allowing a REAL protest. “Peaceful” protests may start peacefully. But they almost always never end without incidents of death, injury or damage to property. One would be naïve to think otherwise because of all the empirical evidence collected from real life incidents all around us everyday.
    When death, injury or damage to property occurs, regardless to which side it happens to, the fact is that it will hurt SINGAPOREANS. Seriously, I am angered by what she is spouting. I hope more common sense prevails than what the Chair lady of WP is exhibiting.
  • Why are we letting her waste parliament time??
  • There is no such thing as a peaceful street protest. All street protest if even if peaceful is done under extreme caution by various police departments. Such waste of public resource just to display “active citizenry” is absurd.
    And in event a peaceful protest turns violent, more police will need to be called in. Protesters and police will get hurt. Death is also very real…
    So much negative outcome, all in the name of a frivolous “active citizenry”.
    Is this not a waste of public funds and human lives?
  • A protest is a protest; it’ll never be a peaceful one. What is she trying to incite? Perhaps she’s referring to the type which their supporters have been practising – cursing & swearing under the sky during rally time that style of PEACEFUL protest.


Singapore Police Force Special Operations Command Demostration – SPF Workplan Seminar 2013 [HD]



2 comments on “WP’s Sylvia Lim wants to have ‘peaceful protests’ so tat can Police practice?? *facepalm moment*

  1. myth thunder says:

    “‘peaceful protests’ is a myth” is a myth perpetuated by the PAP

  2. Francis says:

    To me what sylvia said made sense, practice makes perfect as the old saying goes, same as we should fight a war or two to justify the expensive existence of our army otherwise dismantled it all together.

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