We succeed because of e values and ethics we hold.. not because of the color of our skin.

Overheard 1  :

There still exist, in e larger community, the misconception that Malays do not hold Key Appointments in e Military. And Malays are passed over when it comes to Promotion and consideration for sensitive appointments.

In many cases, all these hearsay is from baseless tongue wagging unverified claims.

Today as I go to work, I know I’m sitting in a position that affects how our soldiers train, the facilities they will use in future, the way we carry out our business.. And yes I am Malay and I am doing what most people in my community think, is a job that Malays will never sit in.

At the same time, my fellow Malay friends and seniors are sitting in Key positions of Command as well in offices in e Ministry of Defence, doing again, what most people in my community think, Malays will never do.

The organization that I have gladly served for the past 14 years, has never been biased nor have never judged me based on my race. It’s who best fits the job.. And if there is someone who fits e job better than me, I will gladly let him have the job.

Henceforth, please eradicate all notions that Malays will never go far in e Military. Because I work with people everyday, who prove this theory wrong.

We succeed because of e values and ethics we hold..
And if we fail, it will be because we didn’t try hard enough.. And not because of e color of our skin.



Comments :

  • FINALLY!!! A Malay Officer speaks up!For the non-Malays, let me explain something. Malay/Muslims believe that to ‘boast’ about oneself is to be ‘riak’ that is to be conceited or arrogant. That’s a sin. And to display your status in the Armed Forces wld bring its fair share of derision and insinuation that they are there due to ‘positive discrimination’ rather than by the sweat of their own brow.

    So with that in mind, I would like to THANK Mr Ryhan Husainni for coming forward with his declaration on the true picture to debunk the lies that have been prevalent out there.


  • This guy is amazing! He is a Diploma Holder taking a part-time Degree. His skill sets must be so damn awesome for him to have achieved so much. And he ain’t done yet! WOW! I am so PROUD of him! So PROUD of what he has achieved and yet to achieve. A real Pride to the Malay Community. I hope this will spur more Malays with their own success stories to come forward and be a motivation to us all. WOW!!
  • Any human being who carries himself well & treats everyone with respect should be respected. Skin colour and ethnicity is only second nature to your morals and values.


Overheard 2 from ->  The Singapore Army

SCT Muhammad Asyraf from 1st Transport Battalion (1 TPT BN) was an Officer Cadet from Officer Cadet School (OCS). He did not complete the course due to injury. After he recovered, he was posted to 1 TPT BN as a Transport Leader, and had to go through Specialist Cadet Course (SCC). Less than a month before the end of SCC, SCT Asyraf’s life was turned upside down when his father passed away. It was a very difficult moment for him and his family. His mother and friends continued to put their faith in him and supported him. Not only is he the recipient of the Distinguished Honour Graduate, also known as the “Golden Bayonet”, he was also given the honour of being the Parade Commander at the Graduation Parade as a testament to his tenacity.
SCT Asyraf dedicates his Golden Bayonet to the people around him who made a difference.

“My parents always said to me; Whatever it is, do your best. You never know what opportunities will come. When my father passed away, I was devastated. But I also knew I had to remain focused and complete this course. I would like to dedicate this Golden Bayonet award to my late father, my mother, Dzul, Rolu, Ryan, Zamriee and Hafez. Without them, I would never have made it this far”.
Well done and congratulations to SCT Asyraf and the rest of the Specialist Cadets from the 19/14 SCC who are graduating from this evening’s Specialist Cadet Graduation Parade!!


Comments :

  • Salute!” to a good son and a dedicated soldier of Singapore.
  • With this kind of tenacity, he can go very far in life!
  • Congratulations! Very good role model for others facing similar adversities.
  • The body would go as far as the mind tells it too. A classic example of tenacity and perseverance. Good job.




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