Clarification from Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh, a social enterprise with a mission to provide ex-offenders employment opportunities n a new start in life

Source Link  Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh 順發肉骨茶

Hi all, I am Jabez Tan – founder of Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh at 302 Simpang Bedok and 548 MacPherson

(Soon Huat is a social enterprise with a mission to provide ex-offenders employment opportunities n a new start in life.)

I just want to CLARIFY regarding the article on the Strait-times Homepage B5 with title “Web of middle man behind bogus union” about Soh Chin Chai n his bogus marriage with a Vietnamese lady.

It was in NOVEMBER last year. while working with us, Chin Chai was summoned to ICA to be investigated about his marriage. WITHOUT any HESITATION, Chin Chai admitted his wrong doing n ALREADY PAID the price for it (6 months imprisonment).

Chin Chai finished his sentence and was released in APRIL 2014. He returned to work for us n now holding an important position as ASSISTANT MANAGER at MacPherson outlet.

He actively involve in community service such as Bread of Love (to distribute bread to needy elderly- organized by Hope Church where he attends)

Unfortunately, Strait-times seems not to have a follow up information about Chin Chai’s LIFE STORY n brought up his past criminal case today after six months when the case was over. No date is mentioned in the article which causes confusion n unnecessary distress for Chin Chai and his family.

Today Chin Chai received a lot of calls and messages to ask about what was written.
He is discouraged n stressed n runs out of words to explain to many people at the same time.

Below link is the FULL STORY of Chin Chai’s life journey. From a painful childhood- to a rebellious man living a life of crime n vice – to a CHANGED N RESPONSIBLE MAN living a purposeful n meaningful life with a stable job n income.

– > The Redemption Broth – Sherman Soh

I hope to make it clear to you n to have your support for Chin Chai.
I hope to update Straits Times the full story so public will be well-informed and readers will be encouraged about the new journey that Chin Chai is walking on.

Every saints has a past n every criminals has a future. The past is past, we won’t let it hold us bondage. What is the most important is TODAY when we dare to step up n make a change in life for the better.

I am so proud of Chin Chai. Cheers.



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