It is important that we deal with facts and not speculation and conjecture – MP Hri Kumar ( The video of 76-year old Ms Renee Yap )

     Hri Kumar

The video of 76-year old Ms Renee Yap at the CPF Forum has been furiously making the rounds, and some people have made some disparaging remarks about the incident.

Let me state the facts.

1. Ms Yap is well known to me and my grassroots leaders. We have in fact visited her a few times. I recall she was kind enough in our last visit a few months ago to serve us delicious home-made drinks and cakes. You would have seen from the video that Ms Yap is a feisty lady. She displayed the same energy and passion in my very first public dialogue in 2006, when she spoke on another issue. I am glad that age has not dampened her vigour.

2. I spoke with Ms Yap both before and after the Forum. She praised what the grassroots have done.

3. Those of you concerned about Ms Yap’s difficulties with the CPF will be glad to know that MOM is now looking into the matter. I am confident matters can be clarified and resolved. Hopefully, details can be shared, but without compromising Ms Yap’s right to confidentiality. It is important that we deal with facts and not speculation and conjecture.

4. Some alleged that Ms Yap was not allowed to speak and was man-handled. That is not accurate. I have posted the video and you can judge for yourselves what happened. After the introductory talk was given by the CPF expert, questions were invited from the floor. There was limited time as we needed to proceed with the next segment. Ms Yap was the first to come forward. She first spoke at some length about her difficulties with property tax and her bank, and the organisers were therefore concerned about going off topic. No one was suggesting that Ms Yap’s issues were not real, but that this was not the proper forum. So a couple of them approached her with the intention of asking her to raise the matter separately. Nonetheless, she was allowed to go on and complete what she wanted to say.

5. She was not “man-handled”. The CCC Chairman and I separately spoke to Ms Yap at length subsequently. She shared some personal issues which I of course cannot divulge. She did not at any time suggest that she had been intimidated. On the contrary, she expressed gratitude for the support she had received.

6. Some have asked why I mentioned that Ms Yap lived in a landed house. That was in response to a question by the press. I was asked a series of questions, including where Ms Yap lived. I responded by confirming she was a Thomson resident and that she lived in one of the landed estates. I did not disclose any further details to the press or anyone else, save for to MOM. The remark was not meant to suggest that Ms Yap was not deserving of help. As I have stated, we have helped her in the past and will continue to do so.

CPF Dialogue with Hri Kumar Part 1

CPF Dialogue with Hri Kumar Part 2

Comments overheard :

  • Thank you for the clarification Mr Hri Kumar. Some people are really making a meal of her situation making false claims and insinuations. This shld put the matter to rest. Thks again.
  • I feel sad about the lies, half-truths, and misinformation that have been circulated on the Net. We need to look at more and better ways to communicate the truth and channels to deliver it.
  • Those ‘drummers’ out there, who create DRUMS despite knowing the truth, are really vicious and malicious. If they can be identified, they need to be taken to task for the damage and distress they caused to others. Sadly, most of them are cowards and do it anonymously or using some fake name or avatar.

Reference :


Photo: Making use of a poor aunty for their own selfish political agenda?
image source from -> Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties (FLOP)


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