About FIRST WORLD NATIONS, Singapore, You have to agree with me.

Overheard , written by Pj


Singapore may not be the best First World Nation to some. But to many, including me, it is one of the best First World Nations. Not perfect, this small country has rooms for improvement, and the current governing party will and should continue to and work even harder than before to proof its people right. Let me say, I have no doubt in my government’s ability.

Looking at how vocal and bolder people are nowadays in expressing their disapproval and unhappiness with policies implemented by our government and how they manage the country. Their angry sentiments transformed to words are flooding online social media platforms, debates and discussions are vehemently and fiercely exchanged in forums that turn hostile and lead to vicious attacks and name calling among users, everyday.

Our Hong Lim Park, first public garden in Singapore has been a popular venue for many election rallies and political speeches in 1950s and 1960s. In September 2000, it officially became the place for people who can apply for permits to legally stage public protests.

Is Singapore such an undemocratic state as those aggrieved citizens claimed to be? Observe the numbers of protests that have taken place in recent years especially in the past 6 months. The scale of each protest seems to get bigger, the media coverage was wider too. The turn-out or the crowd was growing with each organised protest, yet fortunately it was not alarming which reflected majority of Singaporeans are still rational.

But it is only fair, that since we are a democratic country, all people have the right to say what they wish to, how and what they want to see improved in their country.

Do not forget, all protests were made possible because our government approved it. And from what many observed, in the last few protests, speeches made by the protesters at some points were so intense and harsh against our government and Prime Minister, but they had never been stopped or interrupted by any authorities.

You have to agree with me, Singapore has achieved yet again another impressive milestone. This time our government is more tolerant, open, closer to its people. And many have witnessed many improvements and changes for the betterment of society through the changes of existing rules and regulation and implementation of new policies. People, young and old, low and middle income families are benefiting!

Changes occur everyday, new policies and plans takes time to see the resulting effects. Singapore is a wonderful place for you, him, her and me to call home. It is so young, only 50th year-old coming next year. New and young nation needs nurturing just like all children. We are growing yet Singapore being such a small nation, with such limited land space and zero natural resources except ‘people’ has achieved so many “First In World’. Be proud.

“In contemporary society, the First World is viewed as countries that have the most advanced economies, the greatest influence, the highest standards of living, and the greatest technology. After the Cold War, these countries of the First World included member states of NATO, U.S.- aligned states, neutral countries that were developed and industrialized, and the former British Colonies that were considered developed. It can be defined succinctly as Europe, plus the richer countries of the former British Empire (USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand) and Japan. Countries were also placed into the First World based on how civilized the country was.”


images source – > Gardns by the Bay


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