How American sees Singapore Healthcare System

Yet another praise for our Healthcare System


  • Holy shit. It’s almost like Singapore doesn’t let politics ruin everything.
    I really wish the US wasn’t so caught up in partisanship and fundamentalism.
  • The Singapore government really listens to the views of the people in the health area, they just introduced a set of new policies designed to further reduce co-payments for the elderly that is set to kick in next year after gathering public reaction and opinions about the program this year.
  • As a Singaporean, I have to agree. We have a great healthcare system, even though locals don’t always appreciate it. I don’t have to worry about medical bills because of Medisave and insurance plans that allow me to use Medisave to pay the premiums, thus increasing my coverage. Some people say the govt control too much in Singapore’s healthcare, I say the control has prevented healthcare providers from becoming purely profit-driven, which only hurts the people.
  • Wow, this is really interesting! We could learn a thing or two from Singapore over here in the States.
  • I’m a Singaporean, and I have to say I’m extremely thankful I’ve been brought up in a society where we can almost take medical coverage for granted, really. I’ve seen my older relatives go in and out of the hospital for various conditions related to old age, but I’ve barely seen many financial concerns. We honestly have an amazing quality of healthcare, amazing safety nets to help the less privileged in society, and still have huge amount of flexibility in your medical coverage, while making sure nobody is left out. I interned at a financial advisory company recently, and I’ve really been exposed to many of the private choices for healthcare as well. I can say with confidence that I won’t have to worry about my healthcare expenditure in the foreseeable future, which makes me really glad to be Singaporean. (:
  • I’m a Singaporean too and i also find the healthcare system to be awesome. As for CPF, it’s a mandatory savings plan for Singaporeans and PRs. It’s to help CPF members meet their basic needs during their old age. There is a minimum sum of SGD155,000 to be in CPF and you can withdraw any excess after you turn 55. If there was no minimum sum, then people will be free to use the lump sum of money they have accumulated over the years as they please when they reach 55. We read reports of sudden lottery millionaires who have lost their money within a few years or months. That’s because some people don’t know how to handle this new found wealth. I don’t want that and if Singapore were to allow for such withdrawels, can you guarantee that there will not be a significant increase in people who are homeless and in debt? Of course there will be some people who are financially capable and skilled to grow this lump sum of money and manage it even better but the bigger concern is what Singapore needs to do if anyone is allowed to withdraw everything.

    I’m happy with this savings plan. I’m grateful for the Singapore government as it truly cares for the people and is relatively responsive. Don’t equate caring for people as giving them what they want always. Of course there will always be individual cases where things didn’t turn out well for this person or that person. This happens in every country. What matters more is the government is learning and improving over time.

    I’m proud to be a Singaporean living here in Singapore.

Other YOUTUBE video about our Healthcare System

Sean Flynn: How Singapore Delivers World Class Healthcare while Spending 80 Percent Less than We Do  (60mins)

John Stossel ~ The Singapore Alternative (4 Mins)

How to Control Health Care Costs: Lessons from Abroad – By Brookings Institution(60mins)


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