Share your views : Our Housing Conversations 2014.

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Singaporeans value family. Many tell us they would like to live together or close by, to better care for one another.

That is why we give them more ballot chances when they apply for new flats or more housing grant when they buy resale flats. We recently also introduced larger 3Gen flats to allow multi-generational living.

We will like to do more to help families fulfil their aspirations to live together or close by.

Join us  online or sign up for the Housing Conversations. Here is a factsheet for more information.

Helping Extended Families Live Together Or Close By


Lee Hsien Loong  facebook link -> Lee Hsien Loong

June 9
Keeping our families together is important to many of us.

Families often want to live together with, or close to their parents. HDB’s survey found that half of couples would like to do this, but only a third could actually do so.

We have several schemes to help extended families live closer together. We would like to know what else we can do to help.

Share with us your views through the Ministry of National Development‘s Housing Conversations 2014. You can participate in an online survey, or sign up for a discussion through the website. – LHL




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