He just said that to us, “CPF is a good scheme. Children….”

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My own direct example was I corresponded with CPF Board to inquire about how much I can withdraw from my account on reaching 55. They replied very promptly with an approximate figure which is a high 5 figure sum. They told me the amount will be credited into my bank account registered with them just after I passed my 55th birthday.

True enough the money was promptly deposited, and I became very nicely comfortable overnight financially speaking. Enough to quit my low paid job one year later and retire on the rental of my HDB flat.

So tell me why so many choose to believe the Roy, the spider’s lies when there are so many from my generation and that before me who have benefited from CPF and drawn out our money?

Is the present generation of Singaporeans really so stupid despite their advantage of having higher education than us?


I believe when I saw my own dad who was able to withdraw a very huge amount from his CPF a few years ago & CPF board didn’t even try to stop him or create blockages for him to withdraw. He got his money rather quickly & he was a happy old man.

He just said that to us, “CPF is a good scheme. Children, earn as much as you can & save for the rainy days. For CPF, I just want to say that it is good that I could buy my first two flats using CPF & when I got my promotions, I could pay up the rest of the mortgage within 10 years. Now I have almost half a million to do what I want to do.”

My dad still went back to work even he got so much money to spend. If you ask my dad, he will tell you he is working to kill his time & not idling his time at home. Just for a quick infor, my dad is just only a Sec 4 graduate who graduated in China. He was brought to China to avoid the Japanese invasion in the 40s.

For the elderly folks who were seen selling tissues & collecting cardboards, they also have their stories to tell but I am sure deep in their hearts, they have witnessed the true progress of our nation over the decades & I am glad that my govt is doing their part to help them now.

Better late than never hor.




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