To the youths : Blogger Roy Ngerng is NOT your hero


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To the youths whom I have taught you in your school: 

Blogger Roy Ngerng who now faces a law suit from the Prime Minister is NOT your hero. I have prepared a few pointers for you to ponder on.

1) Respect your government officials. They were legally voted into office and have the right to be in office. They deserve some respect.

2) If a person is unhappy with the PM or with any govt policy, there are proper and legal ways of doing things. You have many channels including having opposition members of parliament to fight your case.

3) By blogging unsubstantiated accusations repeatedly (300-400 blog post on CPF and other issues) tantamount to cyber bullying. In this case, he picked on the wrong guy to bully.

4) The PM, in my opinion is already very patient considering that this is not a one off blog post, but a repeated provocation like poking a stick at a hornet’s nest.

5) Freedom of speech does not mean irresponsible speech. If anyone can say anything he pleases, lies will be propagated and this will hurt the country’s image and hurt investors confidence. A good lesson is what is happening to Thailand right now as we speak. Freedom of expression, protest on the streets, immobilized business and transportation. This led to martial law, civil unrest, fall in tourism and loss of investors’ confidence in Thailand.

We scarified a lot for peace. Let’s not squander it.

There are proper channels to air your views. Roy Ngerng is not your hero, don’t follow his example.


Comments from the net :

  • I would say discipline is absolutely necessary and that PM made the right move. In fact, he should do all he can to make this a strong statement that we should stop irresponsible speech. Leaders need to have the courage to make such unpopular decisions to get their points across, at the expense of their so called “image“. I just hope that people stop directing and influencing our politicians to run for popularity contests. People do not quite realise that only a small group of people are actually fit to lead and if we allow everyone to speak irresponsibly and affect national decisions, this would be indeed frightening.


  • My Take On The PM vs Roy Ngerng Case.Roy has written about 400 articles criticising the government and its policies. The PM did not sue him .Obviously the PM does not have time to talk to every person in the country who criticizes him.

    When he defames the PM, the PM has two choices; sue or don’t sue him.If he does not sue, he admits he is corrupted. So, he has to ask Roy to apologise, remove the relevant content, and pay for damages.

    Roy deliberately aggravated the situation. The PM has to press charges. Roy is raising money from the public to fund the legal suit. Many people must realise that they are not donating to support a political or a good cause. It’s for allegation that he defames the PM, the elected leader of the country.

    In a way, it’s like supporting somebody for doing something potentially wrong.

    If we are not careful, the people who support the PM will also do the same thing against people who are against him and his party. That’s how many democracies have tore fabric of society apart. That’s how law and order can break down.

    I feel sad for Roy and have tried to advice him on his fb. I also feel sad that the PM has no choice but to sue Roy otherwise we will lose respect for him and the leadership of this country.

    In many western countries, politicians have become a joke. Government is a waste of time. Is that what we want in Singapore?


 We don’t get it — Why do others have to pay for the crime he committed?

 Money goes CPF — CANNOT!

Money goes to him — CAN!

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46 comments on “To the youths : Blogger Roy Ngerng is NOT your hero

  1. kkyz13 says:

    400 posts? Please furnish with proof. The last time I counted there was 5-6.

  2. kiran says:

    So very true.

  3. ray says:

    I am not in support of the way Roy handles the matter at hand but
    1.Bullshit, PM Lee a person of such status has a choice to not sue Roy. He has a choice to put out at least a few articles of his own first stating the facts on the cpf(If you can ever call them facts)that he feels that Roy is accusing him that much

    2. Go search up singapore history. I mean the really facts of singapore political history. If anyone so much as get close to defaming PAP members they face a lawsuit. If PAP totally smear the reputation of their opponents then somehow it become fine and they are totally protected. Wow….proper channels? If people really believed that the proper channels work we probably would not even reach this current situation

  4. Lam Geng Han says:

    Simple question, how much has CPF taken away from everyone?

  5. WY says:

    This is the kind of people, who takes the peace here for granted. There’re right and wrong ways going about doing this, he was giving a chance to amend his ‘wrongs’, but insist on the wrong ways. He’s unaware that, his actions might lead to social unrest in future if he goes unpunished, whatever peace and prosperity we’re having now, would be gone. This might seem as a simple issue regarding transparency in our country, but actually brings huge consequences behind if not seriously dealt with, things that threaten this country far beyond what transparency in the government can threaten us. Hope that he’ll be given a very tough punishment as an example, and also, let him be the hero who can give what many Singaporeans want from the government.

  6. lxh says:

    Seriously, blogger, wake up your idea. I am glad for roy to stand up. If anything he did us proud, not only tht, he raised proper questions. If u r fine with working till 65 – 70 and not gettig to retire, cpf money not withdrawable, medisave not withdrawable, cpf money growing below inflation rate and allowin whoever it is to use as they like, then yup u can go ahead and say roy not a hero and blah shit. But until then, keep your mouth shut. I am thankful at least i am not needed to contribute to cpf as a online web trader. So i understand how sucky the system is n so i donated for roy.

  7. Adam says:

    Thank you for writing this. You have the guts to write and publish what is right!

  8. Icy says:

    1) If Roy is so confident with his post and feel PM Lee is at fault please by all means carry on and fight in court.

    2) PM Lee has a choice to not sue him if PM Lee doesn’t make a stand other will start to follow blindly. be responsible for your words.

    3)If PM Lee start answering to answer to Roy then any tom dick and harry will start to make false statements and expect our government to answer.

    Take A Look At THAILAND. Thailand situation is still not so bad no investors still got rice to sell. Singapore no investors means we are screwed.

  9. Ivan says:

    To ray: There are enuff articles online and offline to show how CPF really works and why it has to be that way. Granted not everyone agree it’s the way for everyone BUT…
    to say the funds are misappropriated, wow, that is quite an accusation, and an unsubstantiated one at that. Bottom line is, Roy totally deserves the shit he is getting now.

    I generally disagree with your inference that lawsuits were used to shut pple up with respect to more recent history. If what was written is correct and facts based, why worry about losing the case? Unless of course you are implying our judicial system is biased. Now that is another thing altogether and I wonder if you have friends in Law that could enlighten you.

    However, I agree the proper channels suck. Cos they are managed by largely improper people whose objective is not exactly to reflect things the way they really are.

  10. Alexander says:

    At the end of the day,

    This question still stands: “Where is the rest of our CPF?”

    It doesn’t matter whether Roy did it right or not, you can look past all that and FOCUS on the main question here. I really don’t care about Roy’s ways of getting answers but we want the ANSWERS from our dear PM.

    You don’t get it, do you? ;\

  11. The reply as follow :

    <a href="” target=”_blank”>What the Govt does with the money that goes into the CPF ? -The Ministry of Finance’

  12. Eugenechan says:

    The rest of your CPF is in there… Just log on to key in your sing pass and see your balance. If there’s anything missing, you can also start your own case against the government for misappropriating your money. If not, you can wait till your retirement to draw out the money provided you have the minimum sum.

  13. UseYourBrain says:

    Alexander, have you tried sending a letter to the ministry of finance or approach any relevant organizations to inquire about your CPF? If you never even made and attempt in the first place, why blame the government for not telling you? If you don’t ask why should they tell. A common Singaporean problem is that they expect the government to be responsible for every single thing in their lives. How about trying to make a change by yourselves in the first place. It’s not that the people who talks bad about the government gets sued. It’s because the people who talk about the government does not have any evidences to substantiate their claims, and that’s why they get sued.

  14. Seriously? says:

    Guess we are too lucky, aren’t we. In other countries, money given in taxes can’t even been seen. In Singapore, we get 2.5% and we still complain. How sure are we better off to say that we are able to “invest” – that’s what people would like to call it, when end of the day we may left with nothing? Will we be crawling back and asked why our government are not taking care of us?

    Policy don’t cover or suit everyone. But I feel it covers the majority. You haven’t seen what is bad government, people. Seriously….

  15. Dewey says:

    This Roy is just too childish to look at the CPF matter from a bigger picture. If he think the government is doing a bad job, use his vote, or study hard to be a MP and change the world, not just post something online and mislead the others. I can only say, people who supported him, followed him are probably as idiot as him. If you think your CPF got very little money and blame the government took it all, why not you just work harder and earn more savings? It will be much easier if you are smart and hard working enough. Singapore is not perfect, but it’s good enough. Stop complaining, Singaporean.

  16. Lzx says:

    To Alexander: If you are able to find a local bank that gives more than 4% returns, please let me know.

    There are Singaporeans who only know how to spend most of their money or save it in some bank that gives shit returns. What do those banks do with the money? They invest and probably get a return close to what our govt is making with our CPF money and they are doing it for their personal gain.

    No one questions them but when the Singapore govt invests and shares a substantial portion of the earnings with us and the rest probably used for nation building, people freak out and demand answers.

    Why arent we hit as bad as other economies during financial crisis? Have you ever thanked the govt for a safe and prosperous country we are so fortunate to be living in? Every country has its own problems. Look at Syria, would you rather live in a country where war becomes the norm? Or live in the debt ridden USA with lousy policies? I admit there are problems with Singapore and the most serious problem has got to be how our fellow citizens have become such unappreciative and self centered individuals.

    To Roy: I hope you lose the case big time and I hope that PM Lee makes an example out of you because you deserve it.

    To those unappreciative individuals: Dont spend all your energy whining. If you think you’re better, go make some suggestions on how to improve the system.

  17. With or without meeting the min sum, at 55, you can draw $5000; if you have excess in Min sum, the excess can draw out too.

    From 65,
    1. the minimum sum is withdrawable via CPF Life monthly payout.
    2. Medisave is withdrawable if one fall sick, and a sure thing if one is 65 and above.

    More info : What is the CPF Minimum Sum (MS) Scheme?

  18. WYC says:

    Absolutely. When it comes to politics, integrity is paramount. Whether by chance or design, Roy has been utterly irresponsible in his political commentary. Singapore’s opposition deserves more qualified, erudite and responsible spokespeople.

  19. How to one spent the money is none of our concern 🙂

    Just hope you could get the right info about CPF, we a few posting regards to CPF, do browse around, one of links as follow ”

    1. How can I use my CPF money? What are the myths and facts surrounding our CPF savings?

  20. Neo says:

    Those who’re supporting Roy, you guys just don’t understand what are you supporting. All the history, examples from other countries politic situation, you guys are really taking what we have for granted. But since there’re so many ‘educated’ people nowadays who wants a piece of how the money is managed by our government, why not like some said, work hard and be a MP and fight for the rest. If it isn’t disclosed until now, there is a reason behind it. And if you really wish to know the reason, in the worst case scenario, can we afford to know the news, and allow this country to go into chaos just because of this? People may no longer have faith in the government, but when the time comes every 4years, do your part and hope for the best. For all you may know, things will never be the same again. Will an entire group of cabinet have the same problems? Will they be able to make Singapore as well-to-do as it is now? Will we still be one of the safest country in the world? Really guys, think about it, and understand what you are supporting. To me, stuffs like this, should just stay at Hong Lim Park. Because most speakers there posess the courage, but not the far-sight and consequences. There’s a reason for an army to have few commanders and the rest being soldiers. Commander possess skills that leads his men, that’s why not everyone can become leaders when their viewpoints are different, soldiers believe in their leaders and fight with loyalty and integrity. When a soldier wants to start an uprising, he gets charged for disobeying orders, because an army cannot afford to have 1000soldiers against the 5 commanders. If that happens, the 1000 soldiers would all have a different view in commanding the army, what would happen next? The only thing I can say is, the leaders have their part to play in Singapore, so do we. So long as we do our parts, and be satisfied with what we have, let the leaders handle the rest. Afterall, these bunch of leaders, we handpicked them from every different part of Singapore not so long ago. There’s a reason why they are there, debating and letting people 9gag them for entertainment purposes if they somehow say something that attracts our attention. If you’re still unhappy, you can definitely choose to live overseas where everything is cheaper, maybe thailand? Or further north of thailand and before China? Maybe Australia when you can retire peacefully and just chill all day long? Not that hard for talented Singaporeans to make a living there. Or maybe Europe? So many nice places, but please keep in mind most of the nice places, are facing bankruptcy, who knows in years to come, those angmohs might start flying in and work here also, they’re also considered talents that Singapore can choose to bring in. Well if you think hard enough, are those places really in better shape compared to us? Think hard people, think hard.

    Not a pro-government person, but just couldn’t stand the people who don’t understand what are they supporting.

  21. YWL says:

    I personally believed that Roy isn’t having a clear understanding of what CPF is all about, first of all, our CPF saving was initially meant for citizen to be given a lump sum after the retirement age until many years ago, a large number of cases on irresponsible people misused the very CPF saving that was meant for their retirement years and either gamble it away in overseas casino, being cheated by some other middle age woman whom they kept as mistress or simply spent it within months and thus in the process, many family are having problem due to the above reason.

    Hence, the government decided to step in and said its time to change the policy and safeguard the money by limiting the withdrawal so it can be used more wisely by the citizen. If Roy want to ask question about our CPF, why not ask those people that cause the change in policy in the first place.

    Also, on a side note, its funny that we have people think that if you login to CPF board and check your balance, if the money is there, it is there. i believe they have the misconception of how these kind of things works.

    The logic is the same as your Bank statement and how the Banks handle your money. The figures you see in the balance is what you have in black & white, but physically, the money is used in very low risk investment with guaranteed returns but in the case of a bank, it could still face cash flow problem and went bankrupt e.g. Lehman Brothers in which you won’t get your money back. But since CPF is a government body, such cases is out of the scenario. hence, you’re given interest based on the return of the investment made.

  22. avalonie says:

    For those who do not know what is CPF and how it works, please see the video 1st.

  23. Doolson Kool says:

    Please don’t stereotype and impose a blanket rule across all citizens as though all or most of us fall into that category of financial mishandling. This is the lamest, dumbest, most senseless, laughable and preposterous justification cited by both pro-minimum sum advocates and PAP.

    To YWL: “first of all, our CPF saving was initially meant for citizen to be given a lump sum after the retirement age until many years ago, a large number of cases on irresponsible people misused the very CPF saving that was meant for their retirement years and either gamble it away in overseas casino, being cheated by some other middle age woman whom they kept as mistress or simply spent it within months and thus in the process, many family are having problem due to the above reason.”

  24. krelian says:

    I understand the benefits and the high interest rates of CPF. but the main unhappiness of this issue is how you have to answer to what is rightfully yours. There’s many ways to go around the issue of citizens splurging the money after they get it.

    -Get citizens to opt for whether they want that 500 per month bullshit or withdraw everything out at one shot. If they opt to withdraw everything out in 1 shot. SIGN a document that ensures they know what they are doing and that the govt will not offer any financial assistance if the money were to be inappropriately spent.

    Forcing everyone into their same system can only mean a few things.

    -CPF board are just being lazy because they dont want to deal with more administrative work of handling different cpf options.
    -the govt just wants more money to stay in the cpf so their investments can be bigger and have returns faster. compared to if everyone just pull out 6 digit figures whenever they hit the right age.

    Roy might be a clown for the media the past weeks, but when a slave goes up against a king, the slave always wins, because it has nothing to lose. It’s childish and disrespectful, but at least it put the ministers on alert with all the recent CPF clarifications.

    Roy could have gone through legal means to check for cpf, but it would all have gone to shit anyway. the only coverage he’ll get is from the news and the news will downplay it to portray him as some guy with too much time on his hands. Getting citizens riled up might not be the most diplomatic way, but it gets the elites to -pay attention-

    Lets not act like we are all educated and respectful when we are all just a bunch of sheeps to begin with, shall we? Banks have shit interest rate but they are never going to tell you: “i dont think you know how to spent your money, so why not i just give you an amount every month and you work from there.” when you want to close the account and take everything out. this is YOUR money.

    Roy’s not a hero, but at least he’s no coward. The kind of coward that think he’s smart to take a dig at anyone stepping out of the system and kicking of fuss. That’s how changes happen, for better or for worse. If you are not going to test the system and just insist on following, please do so on your own.

  25. Tonyjaa says:

    I only cared that:

    1. Even if you managed to get a HDB flat using the CPF you paid and the flat is still not yours.
    2. When you grow old, sick and weak, you cannot reach the minimum sum to enjoy your retirement.
    3. Overpopulation.
    4. Certain industries cannot get locals to work because of job discrimination – wages are too low for SG living expenses.
    5. Contained freedom of speech.

    My opinion that PM shouldn’t use legal actions against one common Singaporean which can bankrupt him, no matter what. Government should fear the people, not the other way round, and THIS is the other way round.

  26. TL says:

    1) Why is the opposition not taking up this case in parliament? Why are the elected opposition not raising a ruckus of CPF’s supposed stealing of citizen’s $$ and whatever “truths” revealed by Roy?

    2) So now that our life expectancy is raised (in any case everyone wants to live forever), how are we going to work out the economics behind supporting an increasing pool of silver-haired population? Raising taxes no go. Raising retirement age no go. Free medical? Free transport? Free food? Monthly stipend for retirees till their death (life expectancy increasing)? Again, what will be opposition’s alternatives?

    3) There must be some lawyer who is ppro-opposition that can help Roy for free… what for raise $$$? Roy can ask for help only when the court pronounce him guilty and he needs to pay damages. After all, Singaporeans can be pretty big hearted for true causes, eg. donation for tsunami victims.

  27. But i know :

    1. if you are to sell the flat, the net sales proceeed is mine. Quite alot of Singaporeans benefited from it.

    2. Hope you could read this : 8 Things About The Minimum Sum You Should Know
    Q3: If I have less than the Minimum Sum at age 55, does that mean I can’t withdraw anything?
    A3: You can still withdraw $5,000 even if you have not saved up to the Minimum Sum. The remainder will be paid out monthly after you reach your applicable draw down age.

    3. how do we define over, under, in order for us to keep economic going, with job to work?

    4. a few of such cases were in the news lately, $3000.00 pay for dishwasher, and no one want it. Maybe the boss should try pay $5000.00 ?

    If i know the consequences of my action, and still go ahead with it, then i should get prepare to face it. Simple.

    PM Lee is just a being like you and me. Nothing doing with fear.

  28. CPF is older than Singapore. So, we can certainly state that for the past years till now, it has been doing it role dutifully and serving our eldertly well. If only poeple read up the right and correct infomation.

    Just to share ”
    1. “The history of” Central Provident Fund (CPF)

  29. Just becos you think it is “This is the lamest, dumbest, most senseless, laughable and preposterous justification cited by both pro-minimum sum advocates and PAP.”, dosent mean you are factually right.

    There are large number of case on irresponsible people, there must be also large number of case of responsible people as well.
    This is one of a good case : He just said that to us, “CPF is a good scheme. Children….”

  30. Lai says:

    kkyz13 – You obviously counted wrong, or only know about RN in the last few days. Or maybe you’ve never used the Internet? The proof is inducible by how long he has been doing this – you should be the one proving that he only posted 4-5, unless your sense of logic is like that of RN’s. Or rather the lack of logic.

  31. jon says:

    LOL either ways, pap is gonna lose the next election. big deal if roy loses or wins. even pap mp has this to say on his own PARTY.

  32. Doolson Kool says:

    How large a number is large? What’s your or PAP’s definition and basis of “large”? Financial mishandling and mismanagement does not commence only after the age of 55.

    A pertinent question is raised, “Why impose a blanket rule or law to penalize the financially responsible citizens at the expense of those who mishandle their money?”

  33. TNambi says:

    Icy@Do you even know what is happening in Thailand? People are protesting on the streets in for Democracy. They want to get rid of the pro-Royalist junta, which overthrew a popularly elected government by coup. Why the comparison?

  34. greaterhouseflycatcher says:

    some sporeans are just pissed off that after working , paying taxes and serving ns and raising up their children , they at the age of 55 to 60 plus are treated by the pap like primary school kids. i agree that some people will misspend their but what about those who will not ? let those who misspend their money work in their old age or starve la.

  35. Jozua says:

    I don’t understand why are so many Singaporeans so concerned about their CPF? So what if you know what they do to your money? How much money is that? 100,200k? Oh please. That’s never ever enough to retire.
    Roy is just a rebellious teen with no interpersonal skills. Are you sure he is true Singaporean? I doubt so. Listening to someone with NO knowledge on Economics or finance but only a degree in sociology, is like listening to a half wit commenting about politics.
    Well said author. Finally, I see that not all of us are blind idiots. Supporting just because he goes against the government? Grow up people. You don’t expect anyone and everyone to change for you just because you don’t like it.
    If CPF takes your money, you double it. And I wonder why the wealthy never bothered about politics and it’s policies. Because they will just adapt. That is why they are rich and you guys only dream of being rich

  36. Think-hard says:

    Mass amounts of idiots here. Look and listen carefully.

    1. Roy has made quite a few posts and speeches against the government, fine. But if he so chooses to name the bugger, PM Lee has to sue him if not, he is admitting corruption. Or what? Complain to CNA Channel 5? I have at least 4 friends in law firms and I can tell you, they disagree with PM Lee’s actions at times, but they do what is right, and probably this Roy Ngerng will be in even deeper shit once hearing starts.
    2. He’s not the first person, if you have a problem with the government, they give you a chance to fight legally by bringing you to court if you volunteer. But then again, the Raffles Indian who’s now overseas and Chee Soon Juan, they don’t have the guts to follow up, stand by what they believe, fight for their case, prove that the government is indeed in the wrong side, they can’t even prove it. For god sake look at Taiwan, Hong Kong, look at their society, look at their politics, look at what opposition jokers are doing.
    3. CPF, let me ask you, have you seen the past decade of interest rate from GIC and Temasek? They are not 财神爷, if you are educated enough to about risks, no one in history has ever made perfect record investments. If the holdings don’t invest your bloody money, where to get interest? And if they return 5-15% back to you, and when they lose money, how?
    4. Have you seen how many Singaporeans work under companies that are invested or controlled by Temasek and GIC? Careful, if you are so greedy and useless in normal life that you want your CPF back, your relatives or your family might be in trouble in the future.

  37. ngbinghao says:

    To Tonyjaa:

    I think the answer to your questions have been made plenty clear in the other posts.

    But let me just make one point about your final comment that the “government should FEAR the people”.

    The society that you are envisioning is no less repulsive than whatever societal system you think we are living in now.

    We elect and ENABLE people of ability to act on our behalf and fight for our well-being in a parliament. Of course, who we think best represents our wishes is quite another question. Nonetheless, in this process, there is no FEAR.

    The government exists as a punisher of wrongdoing and the protector of rights deemed basic and inalienable. It doesn’t matter whether the government is PAP, the Worker’s party or any other party. The government is formed upon the expressed will of the people via voting and with the understanding and faith that the government will act in the best interest of the people.

    If you don’t think the government is doing a good job, you are free to express it in the next election. (and you ARE free to do this in Singapore. You don’t approach the voting booth in fear like in Afghanistan.)

    But note that the government is not there to give you what you want when you want. It is there to protect society as a whole and ensure sustainability.

    If the government were to function on fear, then its policies would be inevitably short-sighted. You might be happy today or tomorrow. Eventually, the cost you incur today will have to be accounted for down the road. You only need to survey the countries around the world to know this.

    “Experience is the oracle of truth; and where its responses are unequivocal, they ought to be conclusive and sacred.” — The Federalist Papers, No. 20

  38. Garrett Lim says:

    It’s not about being a hero, I do not want to get started but the voices of dissent is very much different from Chee Soon Juan’s era.. make Roy a martyr now and 10 will fill his shoes..

  39. runnergirl says:

    Completely agree.. This Roy is a complete joke, working in govt healthcare industry some more. There is no perfect policy out there that will
    Please everyone and it’s often aimed for the good of the majority. Our cpf system is not perfect but it has allowed many people to afford a house in Singapore and we hve one of the highest rates of home ownership in the world.

  40. Jason says:

    Ya, he should be responsible for his doing….
    And he should know what’s coming along if he didn’t than I’m sad to say hat he’s another ixxx -( <- edited by sght)

  41. Takuma says:

    Many people are angry at being treated like primary school children by the pap. Lhl would do well not come across as a heavy handed bully. I personally think a minimum CPR sum is a good idea but pap needs to assuage the anger of those who feel they have a right to spend their cpf as they see fit.

  42. Shane says:

    I’m a youth who doesn’t know much about what’s going on.
    I have not even started working, so no CPF issues.
    But I do care about the progress of Singapore, this blog post and some comments seems to make us youths seem either indifferent about what’s going on or just rebelling for the sake of rebelling.

    Roy Ngerng IS NOT MY HERO, but there may be some underlining, fundamental problem he is on about.
    I’m NOT SAYING THAT PAP IS NOT DOING THEIR BEST, but people should always pursue excellence, is it not?
    Don’t be too happy and content about your current selves, always pursue personal excellence; this applies to PAP as well.

    From my humble opinion, political parties, and people should always aim higher and out-best themselves.

    From what I can see from this post, people have being PRO either on Roy or PM Lee.
    Not many people are on the neutral side of this issue.
    PAP has done many for this country, so much that words can’t begin to describe our gratitude towards our founding fathers.

    But please be objective, we are looking at A ORDINARY PERSON and PRIME MINISTER, not a whiner and political party; this is between the two of them.

    If you have heard PM Lee’s side, why not listen to what Roy has to say? Go to Hong Lim Park this Saturday?

    There are times whereby things are dealt with in the best interest of majority; may not be the ‘right’ thing to do, but done in the ‘best interest’ of many.

    If there’s thief, there will be police.
    If there’s police, there will be thief.
    There are always two sides to a coin, let alone an issue.

    Please make judgement after giving both sides a chance.

    I’m probably just another keyboard warrior to yall, but do give a chance and listen to both sides of the story before making judgements.

    Worried youth.

  43. wake up singapore says:

    People, do not be confused. The argument here is not about what the accusations were about or even if the accusations were valid. You must ask yourself whether you support the idea that the state may take financial action against you just because you have a different opinion. The retaliatory actions are tantamount to bullying and is exactly what oppression looks like in the modern day.

    If you support the notion that it is okay to suppress opinion by physically/ financially weeding out the competition rather than by rebuttal with the validity of what you have to say, then you are setting up a very dismal future for the state of affairs in Singapore.

    This entire event has been characterized by who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy. Look not at the individuals but at the chain of actions that took place. If someone had accused Obama of poor leadership (which is all the time mind you) do you think he would have been caught sueing his fellow citizens, the very people he took oath to protect? Opinions do not change good leadership.

    Honestly, having to retaliate in such a fashion to mere speculation or difference in opinion shows poor judgement and a leader who is angry and closed off to the rest of Singapore. Its his way or its the highway.

  44. Chin says:

    1) Respect is earned. Throw away that Asian/Confucian mindset. We live in a modern society now. If something is wrong, something must be done to rectify it.

    2) Agreed. Unless one wishes a lawsuit shoved up his arse.

    3) As long as it’s not libel, asking questions and respectful discussion is fine. It shows an educated and informed electorate. In fact, PAP shot themselves on the foot by choosing not to tap into social media by directly engaging the bloggers and online community. And posting what he had for dinner is quite the juvenile attempt at “engaging the electorate”.

    4) The PM could be more transparent about CPF and our reserves. Since he’s aboveboard he can simply make a detailed post outlining how the whole machine works- curb the CPF questions once and for all. And then sue the pants off Roy for libel. It’s a simple response. I don’t understand why we have to go through hell and high water just to get a straight answer. Heck, it’s our money- it’s part of his job description to tell us where it all goes.

    5) Eh hello, cite wrong example already. Why you bring up Thailand? Freedom of expression is ALWAYS good. There’s a cost to long term change, at least they’re willing to pay it in Thailand. Freedom of expression is one thing, behaving like a responsible adult is another. Roy exercised his right of free speech, but behaved like an idiot kid. Just because something can be abused doesn’t mean it’s bad

  45. Tan JHJ says:

    alot of heroes often started as “evil guy” till they realised what they are fighting for. often these “evil guys” saw what we cant see and what we do not know. if we contd to tolerate the pap, we are breeding evil. being too patience for so long, no we cant do anything to prevent the royal family from running away the reserve when they lose power. no way can we even check the account books aka black box. i am not surprise all the policies are to maximise the profit of the rich and the those in power.

    absolute power corrupts absolutely (i always believe in this wisdom quote)

    i do not support roy but i do not support having a overpowered govt which do not allow us to check them, nor our reserve, temasick do not disclose the shareholders and no responsibility for failed policies.

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