“Weasel” for Mr Low Thia Khiang will be very appropriate from now on ? Heated debate between PM Lee and WP’s Low

There are many sorts of politics & we have to get our politics right. Simply put, We don't want to play politics. We want to better the lives of Singaporean. We want to build a better Singapore for the future.  Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shares his perspectives on constructive politics. He highlighted : "Certainly if ever a PAP MP were accused of making false and untruthful statements, I would get to the bottom of the matter"
image from  Fabrications About The PAP


  Lee Hsien Loong

Spoke in Parliament this afternoon. I reported the progress we had made since the 2011 elections. We have stabilised house prices, improved public transport, and managed the inflow of immigrants and foreign workers.

I explained our agenda for the rest of this govt’s term. We will keep Singapore a leading city in the world, where every citizen can lead a fulfilling life. We are strengthening social safety nets, such as with MediShield-Life, and improving retirement adequacy. We must also remain an open and mobile community, so every citizen has the opportunity to do well whatever their family backgrounds.

I also explained what constructive politics means: effective policies, good leaders, robust debates, high standards of integrity, and staying united despite our differences. Leaders must take a stand, and take responsibility for what they say and do.

After my speech Mr Low Thia Khiang rose to contest what I had said. We had a vigorous exchange. I explained my view that the opposition fell short of their role in Parliament. Naturally Mr Low found reasons to disagree.

My government will keep on working with Singaporeans to build a better future for ourselves and our families. – LHL

Comments :
  • It is easy to criticize the government when one is not in the place to make policies that affect millions of lives. Simply complaining that the current policies are not good enough or worse, leveraging on unhappiness of some to create a bad sentiments towards the government, surely do not count as constructive politics. Mr Lee made a very good point today.


  • Thanks Sir… I really couldn’t understand what Mr Low is saying… Yet all your word comes out firm & clear… That’s a huge difference between a true leader of Singapore & someone that’s speaking with no substance…


  • Well said and very impressed with every words you have spoken, Prime Minister Lee. Thank you for your love and taking good care for Singapore and Singaporeans. Full trust on you and your Ministers. I will be fully support and be your side always, Sir. Inspite of your tight working schedules, please remember to take care of your health. It seems you are down with flu as you sound slightly different during the debate ! I wish you speedy recovery.


  • The exchange with LTK was riveting and showed just how vacuous the opposition is.
    In your main speech, I was extremely moved when you talked about how we ought to treat each other equally and not be snobbish and show off. No government can legislate things like this but, more than anyone else, what you say makes a difference. It really does.


  • Thank you, PM Lee, for the commitment towards a better Singapore…not just for Singaporeans, but in relation to the world at large. We are not just local citizens, we are also global citizens.


  • Enjoy the debate as we have a similar situation in office politics. Say is easy than done.


  • I hope you dont mind me taking a piece of your parliament speech today Mr Lee. But I believe your term “weasel” for Mr Low today will be very appropriate from now on. Plus it is easier to type weasel than Low Thia Kiang in Facebook


“we have to call a spade a spade. If you have to change a position, because your previous position was wrong – say so. But to weasel away, play with words, avoid the issue and then claim to be responsible – that is what we fear can drive Singapore’s politics into same place where many countries have gone.”

~~  Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong


  • Its unfortunate the PM had to waste so much time debating with a populist demagogue (a debate which the latter INITIATED).


  • I was watching the news and was so impress with your speech. I totally agree with what you mention. My hubby even mention how come Mr Low couldn’t even speak properly and didn’t even have a proper closure of speech before turning away to walk back to his seat. Anyway keep up the good work.


  • Sir, you are doing well! While we must be mindful of the ground and the people who need social help , we must not allow people who do not know what they are talking from derailing our path or our good intention.


PM Lee Exchange with Mr Low Thia Khiang



At Parliament today, PM asked Mr Low Thia Khiang whether the Workers’ Party still stood by their earlier position to completely freeze the inflow of new foreign workers, which would hurt many local SMEs. See Mr Low’s reply and the subsequent exchange

Video link – > Mr Low’s reply


Comments :
  • Wow! Maintain zero growth by moving some here and moving some there! Genius! Just like what he had suggested before for the government to find a way to broaden social safety net without increasing tax eventually. . Genius!


  • Human is not infallible. Wrong is wrong. But keep it simple. I would have respected you (elder Low) more if you have had the moral courage to admit mistake. I believe in the politics of conscience. Next, ever since that momentous 2011 GE, we have already seen that the democratic institution of Singapore has been effective in bringing diverse views of citizens to the PAP Government’s attention. In the subsequent years, the voices get louder (quite understandably so) and there is general consensus that much has been improved from housing to transport to manpower to healthcare. I feel all these have pointed to the important aspect of good governance in Singapore. I hope to see better performance by the Opposition members in parliament in the days ahead. I don’t wish to see more clowns. As it were, the circus is too expensive to maintain. Thank you Minister Lawrence for sharing this video


  • Watch how Mr Low weaseled his way out of stating WP’s current position on foreign workers population growth. Supporters and admirers of WP should take a keener interest in how WP MPs are performing or should I say under-performing in Parliament.




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