Constructive politics is key to realising our dreams or just “rhetoric”

 Lee Hsien Loong

Debate on President’s Address 2014

Glad many MPs spoke in support of the President’s Address on the first day of the debate. Many, especially govt MPs, offered ideas to improve or change policies.

MPs generally supported the Government’s plans to improve people’s lives. But they had specific suggestions to help different groups of people. Some wanted more support for professionals, managers and executives (PMEs). Others suggested improvements to the CPF system to give older Singaporeans peace of mind in their retirement. Several urged more help for the lower-income and disadvantaged groups. We will look into these suggestions carefully.

Constructive politics is key to realising our dreams. The purpose of politics is to make a difference to people’s lives, to build a better Singapore. Politics purely for the sake of power, without any notion of what we want Singapore to become, will lead us to disaster.

This clip shows an exchange between Mr Low Thia Khiang and SMS Indranee Rajah on this important point.

** Video link -> Debate on President’s Address 2014 

Look forward to hearing more views tomorrow. I will be speaking on Wednesday. – LHL


  K Shanmugam Sc

What is constructive politics?

SMS Indranee Rajah and Mr Low Thia Khiang had a robust exchange in Parliament on this very topic today.

The term “constructive politics” was just “rhetoric”, Mr Low said. It isn’t just rhetoric, SMS Indranee responded. Politics is about our lives, our future, she pointed out. Have enclosed the link to the video.
** Video link -> Debate on President’s Address 2014 

She also emphasised the importance of being honest in politics.


Comments from the net :

  • Love the way SMOS Indranee speaks. I do hope for better opposition MPs for constructive politics in Singapore.


  • Wow! This is really what we would call, IN YOUR FACE, LOW TK. A good speech by Indranee, and one of the worst performances of Low TK.


  • The ways which both MPs spoke on this subject carried clear different form of energies. One was calm, factual & certain vs argumentation & searching.


  • thanks for the link to the video. i am really sick and tired of the lame and useless politics displayed by low thia khiang. instead of answering questions right on, he kept beating around the bush and accusing others on harping on an issue when what is asked is just for his party to present the plain truth. such politics by him is just a waste of all singaporeans time.


  • nice one SMS Indranee, you really make that ‘ first world’ parliamentarian become blur … LOL


  • Indranee bully me!!!” cries LTK.


  • How to be 1st world parliament when the WP itself calls politics a rhetoric. LTK flip flopping around looking like a goon


  • Nobody bulu (bully)  you ah LTK. You want to talk about integrity and constructive politics but you…

    Only talk about partisan politics in parliament and not about nation building. So much being constructive.

    Awarding contracts to your own members without a tender. So much for integrity.

    “The chairman is not here…uh…uh”


    -the other fab admin


  • Sir, I have watched the exchange on TV 5 a while ago . I think the Minister of State Indranee has won the debate with her heart. In her soft spoken and sincere voice , she rebutted the WP chief point for point. She remained cool throughout and there was absolutely no display of anger. Sir, one can win a debate with our minds and words. But when a Parliamentary debate is won with the hearts, the win is especially sweet and resounding . I look forward to more speeches by Minister Indranee in Parliament . Good night!



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