Singapore got Talents ! Well done !!

   Lee Hsien Loong

Last week, I read in Lianhe Zaobao that a team of Nanyang Technological University students had come in second out of 82 international teams, at the world’s largest supercomputer competition in Guangzhou. The teams had to develop the fastest and most optimised mini-supercomputer. The participants needed many skills: computer design, engineering and coding. (The Shanghai Jiaotong University team took the first prize.) (

Yesterday I learnt that Shannon Lee Xinjing, an National Junior College student, had won the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award. Shannon developed a cheaper, eco-friendly way to make rechargeable zinc-air batteries more stable – by using brinjals! The rest of our team also did well. (

I am happy to see our students excelling in the sciences, engineering and IT. These are fascinating and exciting subjects. They will also be valuable skills to have, in the high-tech world we live and work in. I will always be glad that I studied Maths and Computer Science at university, even though I did not continue with them afterwards. I hope more students will make these subjects their passion. LHL

[Top – NTU team in Guangzhou (L-R): Frankie Wong, Qin Gemeng, Han Jianglei, Dhakshina Moorthy Pradeep, Lim Chun Leng / Photo Courtesy of NTU]

Bottom – S’pore team in LA (L-R): Mark Lim Kit (RI); Ong Jun Yi (NUS High); Vanessa Tan Yun Han (Dunman High); Ou Yang Zhong Liang (NUS High); Shannon Lee Xinjing (NJC); Jeremy Goh Jin Quan (NUS High); Foo Cher Ying (RGS); Lim Ee Chuan Eliot (NUS High); Dousabel Tay May Yi (NUS High); Yu Shiyang (NUS High) / Photo Courtesy of MOE]

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