Roy Ngerng given till Monday to make offer of damages: PM Lee’s lawyers

Roy Ngerng has till 5pm on Monday, failing which legal proceedings will be commenced

Published: May 23, 8:14 PM
Updated: May 23, 8:16 PM

SINGAPORE — Lawyers for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong have given blogger Roy Ngerng until 5pm on Monday to make an offer of damages and costs, failing which, legal proceedings will be commenced.

The 33-year-old healthcare worker had earlier today apologised for a defamatory article against Mr Lee he wrote, but asked for damages sought against him to be dropped.

But Senior Counsel Davinder Singh said Mr Ngerng’s allegation that Mr Lee had misappropriated monies in the Central Provident Fund was a “very grave and malicious allegation”.

“In the circumstances, our client is fully entitled to damages,” he wrote. “The damages that are offered should reflect, among other things, the gravity of the false and malicious charge, the fact that your client knows and accepts that it is completely without foundation, its widespread circulation and the standing of our client.”

Mr Ngerng had also claimed that legal costs cannot be demanded of him at this stage of the legal process, but this was refuted by Mr Lee’s lawyers.

Mr Ngerng was served the letter of demand after his May 15 article entitled “Where your CPF money is going: Learning from the City Harvest Trial”. He was demanded to remove the offending article, publish an apology, as well as make an offer of damages.

Source : Todayonline : Blogger given till Monday to make offer of damages: PM Lee’s lawyers


Photo Credit: AK


Comments shared from the net :

  •  Oh PM Lee you just made my Friday wonderful! Don’t let him off too easily and be sure to teach him a lesson he will never forget!!


  • As Our PM, he represents the majority of Singaporeans. He must protect his and our reputation at all costs. Apology, retraction of article n damages must be obtained otherwise proceed to Court.


  • I believe the govt has given him 400+ chances with his 400+ articles but then Roy crossed the line, probably intentionally, to gain traction. So can’t blame PM for not giving spider chance.


  •  Can you start a petition to ask PM not to waive damages? His grandstanding of his request for open dialogue (who the *bleep* does he think he is) makes me doubt his sincerity


  • whatever roy’s motivation maybe , all I can say is he is barking on the wrong tree – and biting his own tail. This fellow is not smart lah no matter how all these anti-establishment people, staff from TRS, and our notorius bad element brigade want to paint a good picture of him. He is just someone who wants attention and will do anything to get it. I mean when someone brings up the subject of CPF, I know straightaway, here comes another idiot! If CPF system is bad and corrupt, long time ago PAP would be sacked because many of us wont have any money left in the CPF to buy HDB flats. End of argument. QED


  • Punish him do charity n community works. After all he has all the times




One comment on “Roy Ngerng given till Monday to make offer of damages: PM Lee’s lawyers

  1. Bob Tan says:

    Have no pity on this stupid spider because many others are watching the outcome of this case very closely. If you waive the damages, you will likely face a tsunami of hate mail making all kinds of accusations against you and the government. They are not concerned for Roy for they all have their own selfish motives for cheering him on. Please make sure the damages sting so that it will be a deterrent to his like-minded supporters.

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