Beyond just being our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, is also a Singapore Citizen (smear campaign by Roy Ngern )

shared from Raymond’ FB :

Public Letter to Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong,

Mr Lee,

I am just a private citizen.

I just want to write to you with regards to the smear campaign by this Mr Roy Ngern.

I believe I speak for a whole group of people who feel angry at the recent defamatory actions.

Many Singaporeans feel that while they appreciate a greater level of transparency as to how the monies are being spent and used, the line is crossed when Mr Roy Ngern made baseless accusations about your character and compare the government to City Harvest.

Like many Singaporeans I feel that this is totally uncalled for.

I do not know whether as a Prime Minister you do feel alone at times, so I will just say this.

I think too often people forget that you are – beyond just being our Prime Minister – also a Singapore Citizen. You deserve every respect that another citizen enjoys, you deserve every right that another citizen deserves. I do not think you should take libellous attacks just because you are a Prime Minister.

So from a citizen to another citizen, I can only say that I am with you.

As I gather from the hearttruths blogger does not seem to display any remorse. I think to preserve your personal reputation and the integrity of the office / parliament, I can understand if you were to pursue legal recourse on the blogger.

To conclude, I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your service to the country. Thanks for taking care of the country.

Take care & best regards.


shared from Raymond’ FB :

It is simply incomprehensible of such fallible logic.

Someone accuses you of corruption, and when you say prove it….
instead of proving their case, they screamed “BULLY”.

The wonderful thing is, so call intelligent people are following and endorsing such logic.

There are two possibilities to this…
1. There is no case of corruption to prove.
2. You knew your opponent is strong, but you also know his vulnerability as being afraid to be called bully because he is such a good man. You deliberately do so, so as to pressure concession. This in itself is utter corrupt


Shared from the net :

Of course he has the freedom of speech. And PM Lee, or anyone for that matter, has the freedom to demand an apology if the claims which might tarnish his name cannot be proven true.

That is all the lawyer’s letter is. Roy is free to choose not retract what he said. He is free to choose not to apologise. He is free to choose to lay out his evidence in an open court and have it examined and scrutinised.

And if there is strong evidence to support his claims that PM Lee did to Singaporeans what Kong Hee allegedly do to city harvest, then it will be PM Lee who’s in trouble. Question is, does Roy really have that kind of evidence?

Having the right to freedom of speech doesn’t absolve you from the consequences. Just as having the right to freedom of choice of what to eat doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay your medical bills later if you have been gorging on oily deep fried stuff.”


“If you make a personal allegation of fact, if you say I took money, I am corrupt, I will then sue you and ask you to prove it.

But if you say I am a stupid fool who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, and the Government comprises ministers who don’t know what they’re talking about and you criticise every policy of the Government, no one can sue you,” he said.

“By all means challenge my competence, by all means challenge my policies, by all means put forward alternate policies. By all means argue it, no problem. That’s not defamation.”

 -K Shanmugam (3 Sept 2013)



Photo: The hypocrisy of the #FreeMyInternet group, claimed to champion freedom of speech, but really wanted freedom to spread baseless and false allegations without taking responsibility. Their actions are the real obstruction to Freedom of Speech. One need only to look to NSP-member, former editor of TOC Ravi Philemon's excuse for spreading #DRUMS (Distortions, Rumors, Untruths, Misinformation, Smears) during the haze in 2013: "As ordinary citizens like me are not in a position to verify what is truth and what is not, it is not irresponsible of me to highlight such sentiments so that the Government can appropriately clarify them."  Anyone who do not toe the online citizen's agenda will find themselves quickly banned. To remain friend with President disrespecting fouled mouth Andrew Loh, you must never share any post from this page or be unfriend-ed immediately. Pls #FreeMyInternet from these hypocrites.

image souce : Fabrications About The PAP



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