Roy Ngerng is unwilling to defend his own work

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The post was taken down by Roy Ngerng Yi Ling.

Now netizens may perhaps ponder if the blogger has any credibility at all with regard to the post. He was given the chance to prove it in court, with the aid of Ravi MRavi, that what he had written is the absolute truth and that PM Lee perhaps have no basis in suing him.

If Roy apologizes next, and agrees to pay damages, people may perhaps have a clearer answer on the issue of the credibility of Roy’s post.

Why wouldn’t Roy, with courage, conviction, and strength, stand by his own work and prove it in court that what he had written is indeed the truth?

Why would someone give up the opportunity to prove what he had written is right?

However disappointed some netizens may be, especially those expressing solidarity with him, this incident will likely be a valuable one for all netizens not to take whatever they had read online as the absolute truths,

especially not when the author is unwilling to defend his own work


Sometime, people just can’t think clearly with rational. I am confused a lot of time with the fact of people repeating what they believe over and over and over, even when we can’t see the logic there, OR even after somone else trying to point out that is not true.

They don’t seem to get it. And they will continue to repeat same irrational “fact ” that they believe and insist on it.

And i seriously can’t understand why. And a lot of time, that action actually bring them zero benefit.


I m an ordinary citizen. I dont believe that you are speaking for my country and fellow citizens. I m warning you to stop claiming that you are speaking for me, a fellow citizen and perhaps for like-minded folks.

If you are at odds with the incumbent govt and wish to fight them beyond the election period, by all means do it on your own accord and with your supporters. However, its insulting to continuously claim that you are speaking for country and fellow citizens. And doing it with outrageous misinformation and distortion is not doing your cause any good.

If you persist on continuing your insulting ways despite this warning, adviseable that you be prepared for further actions


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1.    Singapore Budget 2014: Initiatives Relating to CPF

2. How can I use my CPF money? What are the myths and facts surrounding our CPF savings?


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