Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong has sent a letter of demand to blogger Roy Ngerng

A BLOGGER is facing legal action for alleging that CPF funds have been “misappropriated”. In a letter of demand sent through his lawyer to Mr Roy Ngerng of the website The Heart Truths, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called for the blog post to be removed from Mr Ngerng’s website and his Facebook pages. If he fails to do so, he could be sued for defamation.

Get the full story from The Straits Times.

Below is the AFP article: Singapore PM demands apology from blogger 

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has demanded an apology from a local blogger for a posting seen as accusing him of corruption, Lee’s lawyer said.

Lawyer Davinder Singh wrote to Roy Ngerng Yi Ling on Sunday asking him to take down the original article as well as the links posted on his Facebook pages and to post an apology by Wednesday.

Singh said the allegations by Ngerng in his May 15 blog post were “false and baseless”.

“The article means and is understood to mean that Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore and the chairman of GIC, is guilty of criminal misappropriation of the monies paid by Singaporeans to the CPF (Central Provident Fund),” Singh wrote in the letter.

GIC is a sovereign wealth fund that manages more than $100 billion of the city-state’s foreign reserves. CPF is the state pension fund.

Singh said the post constituted a serious libel against Lee, “disparages him, and impugns his character, credit and integrity”.

Healthcare worker Ngerng, 33, regularly posts commentaries critical of the long-ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) in his blog The Heart Truths.

Recent posts have called for greater transparency on how CPF funds are invested by the government through GIC and state investment firm Temasek Holdings.

“My articles have been calling for greater accountability and transparency, and instead of acknowledging these issues, the prime minister has decided to sue me,” Ngerng told AFP.

“I am quite disappointed and at this point I am still in discussion with my lawyer on my next course of action.”

Singapore has ranked top in surveys as one of the world’s least corrupt countries.


Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties

I know the Prime Minister would like to have a light touch on this kind of allegations and not appear authoritarian. 

But personally I think whether or not PM takes action, the damage already done-ed. Whether or not this sexy spider apologize, the damage cannot be recovered. Might as well let the full weight of the sledge hammer falls on this chicken! So that no more monkeys would sprout nonsense in future.

But PM being who he is, is compassionate even to the mentally challenged Spider-Man. Admirable

Imagine PM says “sorry no cure”

What lau I would pop champaign!


This is a law suit of citizen A against citizen B for defaming name n reputation.

Some of his supporters are saying govt sue Roy??? Pls open your eyes n ears big big please!

It’s no wonder that misinformation are rather wide spread, some of us citizens are either so bias/anti-establishment that we reject facts n truth.

Choosing falsehood doesn’t make your life any easier nor happier. You are still in delusion and until one takes back the power one had acceded away, you will not have the power to strive n improve your lot/situation.

Food for thought –
Maybe i also would clamour for an easier/prosperous life.
BUT where got enough resources to make 7billions humans billionaire?



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