Roy Ngerng, You can’t just happily slap without expecting a slap back

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Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a liar can
Spins a tale, any kind,
Catches idiots, just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Letter man!
Itsy bitsy spider climbing up the wall!
Spreading lies and bluff them all!
Down came the letter
And scare the shit out of spider

Fabrications About The PAP


Next somebody will say that Roy is being suppressed by our ever powerful Govt.. no freedom of speech… blah blah blah
Dont they ever understand: CPF is a system / scheme that ensure that there is some form of retirement planning for pp who worked.
If you think that this system or scheme is not good, does not meet its objectives, by all means suggest alternatives or criticise the system.
To make groundless accusations is just so pointless. ..
His followers do not comprise the majority of this country, and it would be a damning reflection of our morals if they were.
I don’t see why the ministers need to allocate the time specifically to disprove the lies and nonsense being spread by these charlatans, when the facts are already out there for all to read.
And finally, this incident goes beyond mere untruths. It’s an unsubstantiated personal attack that is liable for legal action. He is an adult, and should know the consequences of his actions before choosing to carry them out.

Seems like a good start of the day. First thing I saw on FB is Roy Ngerng claimed to be sued by PM Lee.Roy who already had problem in knowing what is a company and all it entails, it is not surprising that he cannot tell the difference between being sued and threatened with a suit.Anyway we all foresee the day coming in a long time, and I believed he too. Not surprisingly as well, he now appeals to the sympathy of those who nudged and supported him, probably to help bear his damages should he decides to withdraw all his allegations against PM as well as the government. Or he could well be asking for help in coping with the legal fees should he stood up firmly of the truths in his allegations.

If he withdraws and pays damages, he can go the way of Leslie Chew becoming a toothless tiger, or he challenges PM and be a tiger that defends his integrity till he either dies in his “heart truths” or win over Singaporeans at all if PM and the government has no case at all as according to all his previous articles and videos.

But overall, he is definitely the silliest of all activists that had all evidences documented for the ease of future prosecution.

You can’t just happily slap without expecting a slap back. You want transparency and accountability, then be transparent and account for what you claim.I am no PAP IB. But too long, we have oppositions making radical moves, behaving like kings and even gods, but politics is not like a brats’ game, not you have many kakis you win, not you can just shoot off in your own world.How many times have I told those in oppositions… don’t go extremist, don’t just open fire recklessly, don’t think you are untouchable, don’t think you are gods and can just attack and expect others to be like guai guai let you hit…

…and they just jested at me. LOL~

Prepare to stand your grounds, Roy. If this can’t change you, then nothing will. Politics is not for kids.


2. How can I use my CPF money? What are the myths and facts surrounding our CPF savings?


One comment on “Roy Ngerng, You can’t just happily slap without expecting a slap back

  1. Jesse says:

    Roy is another extreme who does not think and oppose for the sake of opposing. Don’t you guys find he looks like Chee Soon Juan. Another foolish babbler…one is enough and now we got one more !

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