Top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed

  Tan Chuan-Jin

In the many conversations and dialogues I’ve had, many often argue they have no choice but to do this or that. Some are angry and blame others, lament about society and certainly about Government’s failings and inadequacies. Of course, others, society and G can always do better.

But I believe that the day our own happiness depend on others would be a sad day indeed.

If we wish to be negative, hateful and angry, we can be.

If we choose to be positive, forgiving and loving, we can be too.

We have more choices than we realise.

How we live our life.

How we view the people and the world around us.

What will your regrets be?

What will really really matter to you when you look back? It is our life.

Live it in ways that truly matters most. Share this with those you care about.

Ariticle Link  -> Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed

dying-old Comments to share :

  • Often we may not determine the circumstances of the situation we are in, but we do have a choice in determining how we respond. Life is about choices. Choose one that makes this world and our society a little better for us and generations to come.


  • Recently I had this group chat with an ex-classmate and old friend who is probably struggling to cope with life and is full of anger about the govt and the policies, without realizing that his happiness lies in his own hands and not others. He is just looking for a scape goat to put blame for all his struggles in life. Yes, the society and govt can fail you at times and can definitely do better than now, but individual happiness lies in your hands. It is indeed sad if your happiness lies in others.


  • It’ll be pretty sad if we realize we have a life to live only on our death beds. Why don’t we start today instead?


  • “The day our own happiness depend on others would be a sad day indeed” …Well said!
    Nobody will know what a meaningful life looks to us. Instead of playing victim of circumstance and people, and have the problem unresolved, why not channel those energy towards problem solving?


  • Well, its easier to say than done. At the end of the day its bread & butter issue!

Bread and butter matters. Sometimes the question is how much bread and how much butter will be enough for you? And what brand will be good enough for you?

It is funny because many often make the same argument against materialism, that life is more than pursuit of wealth etc…but when you look at what the arguments come back to…it’s often about wants and desires…and not even about basic needs. ~ TCJ


  • CJ, for an organization, the leaders can choose to recruit team members with the right attitude. For citizens, they are our fellow citizens, negative or not. Some of the negativity can be attribute to the education system, local main strain media and society norm of narrowly chasing after monetary success. For Singapore to continue to survive and prosper, we need all hands on-board. Keep going!

 I believe that parents and individuals should take the responsibility for their values. After all, in society today, we see so many who are from the same system…yet such different attitudes and behaviour. We cannot devolve away personal responsibility.
And just to add. Neither is this a statement that society and Govt should devolve away theirs either.  ~ TCJ



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