Salute ! Ms Chew, Principal of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

I’d like to share a nice note I got from a parent about a principal who “walks the talk” of caring for her students. I appreciate the note. We have many caring principals and teachers who take up teaching out of care for our students. Their work comes with challenges and pressures, so it is always a boost when we receive words of support from parents. It is even more encouraging when parents like Mr Tan walk this journey with us. Keep going the distance, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School!



I am the parent of my Celeste Tan (my 4th child, youngest daughter from 1E4). I joined in the fun at Ahmad Ibrahim Sec School (AI) sports carnival at Bedok Reservoir.

Into my first km of the run at the x-country event, I saw principal Ms Chew Ing Lim walking alongside with one of her visually impaired student, holding her. I was attempting to catch up with the Sec 4 and 5 boys (dun want to lag too far behind – kiasu parent), so didn’t stop to compliment Ms Chew for her action.

Ms Chew is really living up to the school’s vision: “Caring School, Learning Community”. Also, explained in the school vision “Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School sees itself as such a place where a culture of care and excellence co-exist harmoniously. It is a school where genuine care springs forth from within.” Instead of running, she chose to walk with the visually impaired student, a step at a time round the reservoir.

Ms Chew’s action is an example of a leader, she walks the talk. I am confident that under her leadership, AI students will eventually achieve excellence in one of the values that the school had intended to inculcate: CARE. This is a very good example of “every school a good school”.

Salute! Ms Chew.

Tan Soon Hoe

Comments to share :

  • It is so nice but rare to see a high flyer who chooses to take a slow walk with the less fortunate & needy. What a great example to the teachers, students, parents & our society as a whole!


  • This is a truly amazing story. From the time I was working alongside her, I remember that she takes every step thoughtfully and with conviction, no matter how tough the journey. Bravo Ing lim!


  •  Wow…great true story. We need more of these to realise the vision “every school is a good school” . To more touching stories from all…..


  • It’s so easy to care for one another by opening up our hearts and minds to embrace all,Singaporeans or not.We are all one human race.Become a role model for the rest of the world that we are a caring,gracious and kind society.In giving,we receive.


  • 包容尊重,尊重别人,人人平等,平等思维,思维精湛 。包容之含义,包容是容人之量,容许各方声音与意见 。

    包容有何价,包容价值可连城,容纳十方见解与思维 。
    尊重之含义,尊老敬贤生命学,重情重义微尘心历程 。
    尊重有何价,尊重价位比天高,重于泰山主民同心圆 。

    5月16日 【总统施政方针演说】陈庆炎总统说,所有国人,





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