“Things I Will Fight And Sacrifice For” by Joe

by Joe T

Things I Will Fight And Sacrifice For.

1) Brothers-in-Arms.

If you are not a soldier, you don’t know. You live in a world of paper work pilings and deadlines amassing. We live in a world where bullets fly, lives lost, decisions made, lives saved. We don’t talk about profits, wealth or nice houses/fast cars. We talk about keeping our loved one safe, building deterrence and walking the journey with the brothers who will always watch us from behind. So, never tell us to leave our brothers for you. For they keep me safe, so I can today, be alive to in turn keep you, and everyone of your/my family safe.

Yes, you can laugh because we live in a peaceful society today, …until that first shot goes out. But, don’t worry, we won’t allow it to happen. So, its okay, carry on laughing.

2) Love.

If you have loved, you’d know. Love is unrequited, love is sacrificial. You don’t love someone just because he/she gets the most ticks off your checklist of a “perfect lover”. You love someone because, like yourself, he/she tries to make it work. He/she loves you for who you are, not what you are willing to become for him/her. You love him/her because he/she brings you to the next level in life. You know you love him/her, not because of the small gestures he/she put forward, but for the bigger sacrifice he/she is willing to make. A good lover is not a puppy, who you can command and order as you wish, and sticks to you all the time. A good lover is a hound, who is fiercely loyal, and stands strong to protect you when you need to, yet at the same time loves to be independent in its own rights.

3) Future.

If you had live a life of turbulence, you know. Age does not exemplify maturity. Experiences do.

For i will hold steadfast on my beliefs, morals and integrity to build a future i want. And in that picture features my brothers-in-arms, and the love who shares the same vision as I do.

I don’t live to create a fairy tale of perfect endings. I live to create a future of a fruitful life for each and everyone in it.

That’s why I’m willing to sacrifice: to accept people who are different from me; to appreciate those who came into my life; and let go of those whom I can never have.

I will not dwell on selfish individuals, but instead choose to celebrate the selfless individuals who have walked the journey with me. Because, everything happens for a reason, and really life is too short for me not to celebrate every single moment of it.


What Will You Fight And Sacrifice For Then?


image from    cyberpioneer



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