Should Workers Party and Opposition, position themselves as law abiding instead of picking quarrels with the government ?

6 April 2014, by AK

The opposition had in fact wasted precious time since the last general election to make themselves relevant to all Singaporeans, particularly the Workers Party having nine members in parliament.

60% did not vote for the opposition in the last GE, but the PAP wasted no time in pushing back lost grounds. The threshold should never be anything less than 60%. As a government, they have slaughtered many sacred cows if by doing so can get voters to see and understand that the PAP is truly making profound changes to the way it looks after Singapore.

There are no shortage of political commentaries as to why the PAP had embarked on so many fundamental changes. One thing that stands out among the many theories is that it wants Singaporeans to know that PAP exists for Singapore and Singaporeans and not just for power and politics. The changes taken, some very fundamental shifts will result in Singaporeans seeing the PAP publicly admitting to past errors. This is swallowing of humble pie in public. Is it worth the risk?

On the other hand, the oppositions as a whole were overwhelmed by the unprecedented swing of public sentiments against the PAP and continue to fan and sow hatred towards the PAP. Maybe that might be a correct strategy, or maybe not.

What is important for the opposition is to win over from the PAP and further dent that 60%, just as in the case of PAP to claw back from the 40% or so. But the hatred strategy may have already been fully worked in Punggol East and is very unlikely to work again.

For those who hated the PAP had already voted against it, and nothing changes that. There really needs no further adding of fuel to their anger. What remains is for them to demonstrate that they are capable, if not better in managing state affairs than the PAP.

Particularly for the Workers Party, they should have position themselves as law abiding instead of picking quarrels with the government till matters go to the courts. They have absolutely forgotten that should the opposition becomes government of the day, they too expect others to be law abiding. Why wasting so much time bickering over trivial matters, making a public scene of political quarrels. Yes the PAP haters will cheer you on, but that remains within your 40%. But the 60% are watching and analyzing what the hell is going on.

Petty and internal disagreements within individual opposition political parties spilled into the public. Leaders from different opposition political parties snub at each other. and of course the latest is found in the attachment showing certain public figure sowing discord.

Yes the ground seems sweet, but please show yourself to be Singaporeans first rather than politics first. If all you cared for is who gets the hold of power, surely the PAP will be returned as government for many terms to come. What the PAP is doing and you are not. You have wasted precious time that voters had given to you and you did not treasure it by reciprocating in good faith.



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