Chris Ho has good reason to lose his head

4 Apr 2014,  by AK

Why did I say Chris Ho’s comment on his FB about killing Singaporeans as informative?

At about the same time, TRS posted an article entitled PAP SUPPORTER : MY REBUTTAL TO ROY NGERNG MISLEADING ARTICLE.

Roy, a self confessed gay and once worked with Health Promotion Board and was noted for his graphic presentation at a conference on the topic of AIDS. His graphic presentation skills had found at least one admirer, Leong Tze Hian a financial advisor (insurance).

Both Chris Ho & Roy are considered outspoken critics of the government in and out of social media.

There is another personality I would like to mention, Jason Chua Chin Seng. Jason has always been the personification of “arc rival” of anti-government collectives for his role in fronting Fabrications About The PAP (FAB).

FAB is a casual collective of pro-government individuals bent on dispelling untruths made against the PAP or the government.

By comparison, FAB adopts a moderate position, taking on only issues instead of personalities where the anti-government collectives have no restraints on how they go about attacking the government. What appears as a result is that the pro-government is always on the defensive, while the anti-government continue to double up their barbs & spikes.

A common comment that is repeated over and over again is “PAP dogs are always so defensive”, or “they are always on denial mode”.

Typically in conventional warfare, prolonged defensive is danger in sight. But that’s what the naked eye can only see and this is no conventional warfare. So Chris Ho’s comment opens up a lead to political CSI as to what may have took place in enemy territory.

What had prompted the LUSH DJ’s burst of rage against Singaporeans? In real person, Chris is very personable, and rather accommodating most of the time. To most people, most things are tolerable except when it comes to something you deeply believed in, and that is the weakest point in each of our emotional life. When no one buys your belief, or simply ignores you… get panic, you get angry, you get depressed.

And panic did creep into the Roy Ngerng partnership. They had strategised to erode and bring down key government institutions in a smooth and gradual manner. The tactic to cast doubt on GIC, the government’s sovereign fund that spiders its way into GLCs like all the telcos, DBS bank and stat boards like JTC, HDB, CPF. They have also mounted attacks on healthcare and housing in their outings. There are still quite a number of key institutions that they have yet to accomplished namely MAS, PUB, EMA and GLCs like SIA, Sembawang, Keppel where they can attack on a number of weaknesses. They will probably spare NAC for good reasons.

This partnership had all along been extremely careful not to allow their allegations to go too unbelievable, and to avoid nerve centres of the population. But what had prompted them to jump from plan A+2 all the way to Plan C bypassing Plan B and its spider webs?

Possible reasons are, the government has been extremely hard at work since losing the Punggol East by-elections. Many of the programmes that were meant to be lauched in later years were brought forward, and suspended spending had been green lighted. Slews of new programmes were introduced.

Could this be a sounding alert that the next general elections will be held in 2015? Why not as this very year is the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence. Tremendous amount of goodwill has been gradually built up and going into a state & mood of national celebration. It is also auspicious to call for a referendum as to who Singaporeans would want to lead us in the next half century.

So time is definitely not on the side of the anti-government collectives for sure. Under such pressure, panic creeps into the nerves and upsets its composure. Ordinary people who pointed out their mistakes are targeted as PAP supporters forcing such middle ground people to take side. On the other hand, the pro-government continues to take a moderate position that appeals more to the middle ground than the combative manners adopted by the anti-government.

Chris Ho has good reason to lose his head, and Roy Ngerng too has good reason to foul up his partnerships’s long term strategy.

by AK

image from Fabrications About The PAP

image taken from StraitsTimes


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