PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech made headlines in Hong Kong papers

By Pearl Liu, ST, Published on Aug 20, 2013, Link : PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech made headlines in Hong Kong papers

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech made headlines in Hong Kong newspapers on Tuesday. Here’s a summary of the coverage.

Ming Pao: The Chinese-language daily reported on the speech with the headline:

  • “HK$6000 can buy a house, Singapore Prime Minister promised; this is socialism that Hong Kong cannot learn, say academics”.

The report quoted academics saying that Mr Lee introduced major policy changes due to the unfavorable political circumstances he is facing. As such, Hong Kong cannot learn much from these new strategies, they say.

Source: Ming Pao


Oriental Daily: The Chinese-language daily took a different angle, going with the headline:

  • “Swift changes in Singapore leaves Hong Kong in the dust”.

It noted that the ambitious plans announced by Singapore were in sharp contrast with the lack of progress on several key initiatives in Hong Kong, including a third runway for its airport, healthcare reforms, and fresh property cooling measures.

The newspaper added that it was unsurprising that academics and experts would worry that Hong Kong would be left behind by Singapore, or even neighbouring Guangzhou and Zhuhai.

Source: Oriental Daily


South China Morning Post: The English-language daily weighed in with an editorial with the headline:

  • Singapore shows Hong Kong the way forward with big projects”.

The editorial noted that Singapore’s big plans to double its airport’s capacity, boost public health insurance, and make government housing more affordable will inevitably invite comparisons with the policy holdups caused by bickering Hong Kong officials and lawmakers.

It concluded by urging the city’s leaders to reach a new political consensus, as Hong Kong could not afford to wait several more years if it wanted to maintain its competitiveness.

Source: South China Morning Post


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