There is no way the opposition can claim credit. ( Singapore National Day Rally )‪


Let the record show the oppositions were invited to OurSGConversation but refused to participate.

On 18 Aug 2013 (6.30pm), PM Lee Hsien Loong will address the nation at the National Day Rally.

He is likely to reveal policy adjustments to make Singapore a better home for all based on the aspiration of the 50k Singaporeans who participated.

No thanks to the oppositions and alternative media which has been busy dissing the effort of the 50000 participants.

by Fabrications About The PAP


Comments :

  • People keep saying the OCS is all wayang, Govt will not listen, no change, no difference. WP even outright refused to participate. Well, I have read about ordinary Singaporeans who went to OCS feeling the same but took a chance and left fully satisfied that the Government is listening. I am hoping that our PM will prove us who believe right. 50 000 has spoken. I will bet that PM listened! I have faith in him and his Cabinet.
  • This time round, there is no way the opposition can claim credit. Credit goes to 50000 Singaporeans who chose to participate believing that they could contribute and that they would be heard.
  • Opposition market themselves as ‘the voice of the people’. If the government engages the people directly, they’ll become obsolete (which they always have been, because what they really want at the end of the day is power, MP salary and a chance to build their own pathetic legacies).
    So its no surprise that the opposition is so eager to not only NOT participate, but also eager to deceive people into thinking that its all wayang. Their relevance is on the line.
  • What have they been doing? Did they expect red carpet and grand welcome like those grammy awards ceremony and give them a stage to perform? What is the duty as citizen? When you are invited to participate to help in nation-forward planning, you say no ! Even without invitation, you should volunteer to help.
  • Indeed, all the oppositions not only DID NOT want to participate in any conversation, they even carried out CSI for each of those early batches of participants and mocked each of them as long as some links with the govt could be found, as if having some links with the govt should be a shameful thing.


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