I look forward to speaking to You tomorrow- PM Lee Hsien Loong ( Singapore National Day Rally )

 Lee Hsien Loong

Tomorrow is my Rally. As I said in my ND Message, Singapore is at a turning point and needs to find a new way forward together.
  • The economy is maturing and our population is ageing.
  • Different groups in society have more diverse, even conflicting, interests.
  • Older people worry about healthcare and costs of living.
  • Younger ones aspire to wider education opportunities and more affordable homes.

So we need to reassess our position, review our direction, and refresh our strategies. We have already started adjusting policies to achieve our goal: a fair and just society. 

Here are some videos on the changes in housing, education and healthcare.

Thank you all for your suggestions over the past year, through Our Singapore Conversation and other platforms.  I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow. – LHL

Meeting Housing Needs of Singapore: 

Published on Aug 14, 2013
Whether you’re married, single or retired, everyone aspires to have their own home. What are the various schemes that can help you achieve your housing aspirations?
Helping Every Student Succeed: 

Published on Aug 15, 2013
Every child can succeed and reach his or her full potential, regardless of background or ability.

Keeping Healthcare Affordable for All: 

Published on Aug 17, 2013
Heavy Government subsidies help keep healthcare affordable for Singaporeans.





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