“SINGAPORE” – An Epic Sand Animation Art Tribute by Sand Artist Lawrence

Published on Aug 12, 2013

Dear friends,

After sacrificing my sleep day after day (by sleeping around 7am or 8am…), I’m very very proud to share with you my most detailed and strenuous sand animation art film to date; portraying more than 20 scenes in this very film using sand.

Since I was small all the way till today, my dearest grandma would often share with me the stories and facts of her past. Which can be funny, sad and nostalgic. To me, her precious sharings are not just like a time travelling machine that brings me back into her past; but also a glimpse of her life as a homegrown SINGAPOREAN.

Many people asked me, why a tribute to Singapore all of a sudden? Is it because of national day? –

No. National day is not the only day in which I recognize myself as a Singaporean; and in this case a Singaporean artist. This sand animation art tribute to Singapore was made with this dream of being able to portray all the beautiful treasures of Singapore for the whole world to enjoy through my imagination, vision and art. This sand animation art film did not exactly portray the stories that my grandma shared with me; but instead, it portrays what it feels like to take a little moment to stop for awhile and listen to the stories of the older generation as their words trigger thoughts of nostalgia, inspiration and timeless wonders…

I sincerely hope that this sand animation art film can be something that touches your heart (be it whether you are a Singaporean or not).

And most importantly, a reminder for you to open your heart and embrace the wonderful stories from the older generation. Who knows? You might just discover some real hidden treasures that could change your life forever!

Facebook link : Singapore Sand Art – Sand Artist Lawrence Sand Art Performance



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