A Cappella National Day Medley 2013 – MICappella 麦克疯 . Singapore

Published on Jul 30, 2013

It’s Singapore’s 48th birthday and we revisit 8 National Day songs that we love, in our very own a cappella version of a National Day Medley. This time last year, we were taking part in The Sing-Off China and could only do a short birthday shout-out to Singapore. Hope you guys like our tribute this year!

Sing along with us too!

在我心中 我知道
好不容易 来到这里

-Where I Belong-
Where I belong where I keep my heart and soul
Where we are one big family
I want the whole world to know
I wanna shout it out loud
That this is where I know I belong

-One Singapore-
We are one Singapore
One Nation strong and free
A thousand different voices
Sing in harmony
We will stand together
Together hand in hand
As One united people
For Singapore

-Di Tanjong Katong-
Di Tanjong Katong, airnya biru
Di situ tempatnya dara jelita
Duduk sekampung, lagikan rindu
Kononlah pula nun jauh di mata

-Stand Up For Singapore-
Stand up for Singapore
Do the best you can

-Singapura, oh Singapura-
Singapura, oh Singapura
Pretty flowers bloom for you and

-Munnaeru Vaalibaa-
Munnaeru vaalibaa munaeri endrum
Thoduvaan noakkuvaai

This is home truly where I know I must be
Where my dreams wait for me
Where the river always flows

Pastikan di sini negara sejati

This is where I won’t be alone
For this is where I know it’s home
For this is where I know I’m home




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