CPIB director to be replaced over supervisory lapses that led to $1.7m loss of public funds




An Independent Review Panel (IRP) reported that supervisory lapses in CPIB had resulted in deficiencies in financial controls and the loss of public funds.

These in turn led to criminal charges against Mr Edwin Yeo, Assistant Director CPIB, which are currently before the Court. This statement does not touch on Mr Yeo’s innocence or guilt in respect of these charges.

These supervisory lapses occurred during the terms of two Directors of CPIB:

  •  Mr Soh Kee Hean (until Sep 2010) and
  • the current Director Mr Eric Tan.

Both Directors had supervisory and command responsibilities over Mr Edwin Yeo and his unit in CPIB. Both Directors have been issued formal letters of warning for their lapses, and have accepted responsibility for them.

To maintain public trust and confidence in CPIB and to fully implement the Review Panel’s recommendations, the Prime Minister has decided that Mr Wong Hong Kuan, currently the Chief Executive of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, will succeed Mr Eric Tan as Director CPIB when Mr Tan’s term ends on 30 September 2013.

The President has concurred with the appointment of Mr Wong Hong Kuan, acting in his discretion under Article 22(1) of the Constitution. Mr Wong Hong Kuan will be posted to CPIB with effect from 1 September 2013 as Director Designate. Mr Eric Tan will work with Mr Wong Hong Kuan in the Bureau to ensure a smooth and seamless handover.

Despite this supervisory lapse, Mr Eric Tan has made many contributions to CPIB, strengthening the organisation and handling major corruption cases. He will be redeployed to other duties where his knowledge and experience will be valuable.


6 AUGUST 2013



Mr Wong Hong Kuan ( 黄宏冠先生 ) will be appointed Director, Corrupt

Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) on 1 Oct 2013. He will join CPIB as Director (Designate) on 1 Sep 2013.

Mr Wong is currently the Chief Executive of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). He joined the Civil Service in 1995 as an

Assistant Superintendent of Police in the Singapore Police Force (SPF), after graduating with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Class I Honours) degree from the Nanyang Technological University.

He rose through the police ranks and became the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Policy) in November 2010, after holding several other appointments in the SPF including Commander, Training Command; Commander, Bedok Division; and Chief of Staff, SPF. Hong Kuan also spent two years in the Budget Division of the Ministry of Finance from July 1996 as the Assistant Director (Infrastructure & Economy).

He was absorbed into the Administrative Service in Jun 1998.

In the SPF, Mr Wong oversaw the security coverage of major events including APEC 2009 and ASEAN Summit 2007. He also reviewed the configuration of police institutions and revamped the system of talent management.

As CE, WDA, he worked with tripartite partners to strengthen the Continuing Education and Training (CET) and Employment Facilitation (EF) ecosystem to improve access to WDA’s services for professionals, managers and executives (PMEs), the special needs community, and ex-offenders. On his watch, WDA helped enterprises restructure and improve their productivity through productivity and capability development programmes, paying special attention to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).


source link : CPIB director to be replaced over supervisory lapses that led to $1.7m loss of public funds – ST


Comments :

  • This is called accountability. As it was his direct subordinate who was charged, he must take responsibility for his failure to exercise proper oversight.
  •  Sad but it’s the right thing to do.



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