Xtraordinary Act of Courage and Civic-Mindedness – Alessandra Leong, LAW Minister K. Shanmugam, and the unsung heroes

LAW Minister K. Shanmugam was heading back to his office in a car after a morning meeting, when he came across an accident at Robinson Road near the AIA Tower. A woman, who was crossing the four-lane road, had been hit by a motorcycle and was lying on the ground. “I didn’t see (the woman) being hit but there was someone gesticulating. The accident had happened a few seconds earlier,” Mr Shanmugam said.

After his car was parked to prevent traffic from running over the victim, Mr Shanmugam, who is also Foreign Affairs Minister, and his security officer got out with a first-aid kit to help the woman. By then, at least five other people were also trying to help and had called emergency services.

Mr Shanmugam said the woman was.writhing in pain and they found it difficult to bandage her head, which was bleeding profusely. After making sure she did not have a neck injury, they moved the woman, believed to be in her 20s, onto a wheelchair, which someone provided. The New Paper understands that she did not have any identification on her. She was taken to AIA Towers, where several people waited with her till the ambulance arrived. Eyewitnesses said Mr Shanmugam was among those who carried the woman from the road. 

A woman who works in a nearby building said the minister’s light-coloured shirt was stained with blood. “I did not see the accident but we all heard it. There was a bit of a commotion,” said the woman, who can’t be named because she is not authorised to speak to the media. When asked about the shirt, Mr Shanmugam laughed and said: “I’ve changed it.” He declined TNP’s request to take a picture of the bloodied shirt and stressed that he wasn’t the only person helping the woman. TNP understands that CCTV footage from a nearby building shows the woman crossing the road from the side of ASO building, where there is a bus stop. The cars were bumper to bumper and when she reached the fourth lane, which was clear of traffic, she suddenly made a dash for the kerb. That was when a passing motorcyclist brushed past her, causing her to fall and hurt her head.

When TNP arrived at the scene, a pool of blood was visible on the road and the area was cordoned off by traffic cones. The motorcyclist, Mr Nasir Matunus, 58, who works for a transport company, was waiting for the police to arrive. He was visibly shaken and his hands were trembling as he told TNP he was travelling at normal speed when the accident happened. He said: “I’ve been riding a bike for more than 40 years, this is the first time I’ve got into an accident like that,” he said.

A police spokesman said they received a call at around 10.10am about an accident involving a motorcycle and a female pedestrian on Robinson Road towards Collyer Quay. He said the woman was taken conscious to hospital and they are investigating the matter.

REPORT: ELIZABETH LAW lawsm@sph.com.sg 
THE NEW PAPER • Thursday. July 25 2013 3

by Fabrications About The PAP


Alessandra Leong – An Xtraordinary Act of Courage and Civic-Mindedness 

Third year Nursing student, Alessandra Connie Leong was witnessed to a horrific traffic accident. When the accident happened, Alessandra’s nursing skills and instinct kicked in and she attempted to render help while medical services was on the way. Alessandra showed great courage and poise in her attempt to resuscitate the motor-cyclist.

Though the motorist died, Alessandra who tried her best while medical services was still not at the scene.

Let your brave actions be an inspiration to your peers and fellow HSIans so that they understand that the important role that they can play.

Below are the two articles from The Straits Times Online with pictures from Shin Ming Daily
Comments :

  • Its the only right thing to do, render help when ever you can, its called being human… so must this act of being human, also you must glorify.
  •  It’s news. Not glorification. We are a really warped society now. Sigh. When someone helps – just take it in as a good example for ourselves and our kids lah.
  • but many singaporeans will just stand there and take photo. I am sure the law minister do not expect passerby to just take photo of him to glorifying him.
  •  Helping someone in distress is something that everyone of us OUGHT to do, but in real life, sadly many of us would not do it.I agree , it’s news and not glorification. I do not see why good deeds should not be reported.
  • Well yes it’s human thing to do…but anyone here is brave enough to come forward to help ? or just standing there taking pictures and then post it onto social media..well,that wat most human will do rite?only the few will come forward to offer.
  • If everyone is helpful to people in need.. it will be a blessing… but sometimes, you get scolding for helping... tats wat causes some pple reluctant to help…
  • Two cases that set a good example for every Singaporean. That person who needs help could be someone’s mother , father , brother ,sister ,friends ….
  • Anyone will stop and help!
  • Wrong. Take a look at the term ‘bystander effect’. It takes a lot of mental courage to break away from the mentality of ‘someone is probably more capable, therefore I should just standby’. Not everyone will help, even if it the right thing to do.


  • Could have accidentally kill him instead ,.. cpr very hard feel it.  
  • Great job Alessandra and the people who tried their best to helped the victim to the very end!
    Do take ABSOLUTE no notice to the netizens who criticized you. They are just a bunch of keyboard warriors who knows how to type on the internet.
  • Ms Leong, you have done something extra ordinary, and you must not feel sad for what you have done. You must continue to keep such spirit and continue to help others, when they are in need of help. You have done your BEST. How we wish we have more Singaporeans with the same spirit. Hope your act would inspired others.
  • Great job, Alessandra!
    Do not feel guilty about performing CPR. The success rate for CPR is very low, but you tried to give the man a chance to life. He may have succumbed to his injuries, but you did your best, and he passed away knowing that he had an angel being there for him, and he wasn’t alone.
    That is something to be proud of.



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