Do make an effort to encourage childcare teachers, they deserve our support so they can continue to do a good job looking after our kids.

I visited My First Skool at Blk 192 Toa Payoh Central this morning. Not for the first time – been there on previous occasions.

The centre has been in our community for 40 years. Many of the children whose lives they’ve touched have grown up and are themselves parents. It must have come as a shock when news broke that a child had been handled roughly and hurt at the centre. I believe this is the first such incident among thousands of kids who spent their early years here.

The parents involved in this episode are rightly concerned and angry. I wish the child a speedy recovery so that he can continue his pre-school journey soon.

During my visit, I met with the children and some of the teachers. Attendance has not dipped. The children were cheerful and confident when I interacted with them. This was the first assurance I felt.

I was concerned about the teachers who have been placed under a lot of stress because of the media scrutiny and sometimes vicious online attacks.

They told me they were initially fearful of the reactions of other parents, but were deeply touched when many parents came forth to express support and encouragement.

Some teachers received kind text messages and phone calls from parents.

Others had their shoulders patted by parents dropping off or picking up the children.

One teacher was especially grateful that a parent spoke up for the teachers when interviewed by the media.

Such expressions of support could only have come about because these parents have themselves witnessed the care and concern of the teachers towards children under their supervision. The teachers at Blk 192 must have earned the parents’ trust through their hard work and dedication. Most importantly, I felt reassured by the teachers’ keen awareness of what they must do to uphold this trust.

The management of My First Skool is taking this matter seriously and have lost no time in strengthening supervision at the centre.

  • The teacher involved has since been dismissed and additional mentors were deployed to ensure that a high level of care towards both the children and teachers.

Parents should be reassured by the management’s attitude of learning from this episode and their resolve to make things better. We should give them some time to implement other improvements they’ve lined up.

In the meantime, do make an effort to encourage your friends and family members who are childcare teachers. They deserve our support so they can continue to do a good job looking after our kids.


Experts to review how teachers manage classes at My First Skool in Toa Payoh

By Priscilla Goy, ST, ul 10, 2013 

NTUC First Campus has engaged counsellors to provide emotional support to staff at its My First Skool centre in Toa Payoh, where a teacher allegedly abused a three-year-old boy last week.

This is among a raft of steps the pre-school operator – one of the largest in Singapore – has taken in the wake of the alleged abuse.

Three senior early-childhood specialists from NTUC First Campus have also been deployed to the centre since Monday, when the 51-year-old part-time teacher at the centre of the allegations was sacked.

At least one specialist will go down each day, until “the situation stabilises”, a spokesman said yesterday.

Source Link : Experts to review how teachers manage classes at My First Skool in Toa Payoh


  by  Ang Hin Kee

Pre-school educators r a passionate lot & their calling to serve in this area is a noble one; one of them shared w me that whilst we do not condone the rough handling of young charges under our care, we must extend support to the one who has expressed sincere remorse.

Indeed, we must all want to work alongside educators to do better & continue to make the child the central focus of our efforts


Comments :

  • To those passionate pre-school teachers out there, I salute you for your dedication. I believe it is not easy to be taking care of those little innocents. They can be on your nerve. Please continue to serve with passion and love so that these young ones may one day be a product of your good contribution. They could look to you as their mentor. For those whom have chosen to work just to earn a living. We ask you to have a little more patient and help these young one to cope with their challenges. In their own way, they often find comfort and like to do what come to their innocent mind.
  • It is important to support and encourage the teachers to their best during this period. Cheers to all teachers and caregivers!


My First Skool teachers showing support one to another. 🙂

Link : To all my dear colleagues…hope this will cheer you up.



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