Calling for blood or seeking Reconciliation …..”Childcare Centre, My First Skool (which is run by NTUC First Campus ) , Alleged Abuse (part 2)”


Comments form the net : 

What the teacher did was definitely not appropriate. However, there are many good teachers out there who think about the welfare of the children. After all, everybody should know that preschool teachers do not work for the pension but for the passion. In every group, there is always a black sheep. Hence, please don’t be so quick to judge and make a hasty generalization.

It is not true that “many teachers out there are still doing such things.” Instead of making an overgeneralized comment that do no good to either parties, why not celebrate teachers who have done so much for children and treasure these teachers? Because I believe that appreciating teachers will go a long way and perhaps even stop the occurrence of any form of abuse.


fyi, there are alot of passionate teachers out there. Because u might not be in the field, u might not be aware. And teachers are now with high qualifications, not stopping at a Diploma but higher education to educate themselves even more and put in the best passion they can.

However to all, please do not be judgmental to other early childhood educators because not all are like the woman in the video. Don’t let one be a spoiler and tarnish the early childhood industry!

Lastly, let’s all be more vigilant in handling our children and also not fully rely on childcare centres because i personally feel that childcare centres and its educators/educarers are giving their best effort knowing that they are not educating/taking care of one child but a handful, which is a challenging job. Nevertheless, they managed  

I think on top of that, we should applaud the teachers who did a very good job in this industry coz without them, this industry won’t be moving.


Dear all, I am one of the child abused survivor from my family. Trust me, what the child need now is speedy recovery for his injury and inner healing from the abuse.

By helping the child to get well soon, i would appreciate all, please don’t further share the video or make further comments, i think the child will be further shocked if he is to see his video going viral online, the inner impact on him when he grown up will be worst.

The priority now is the recovery of this lovey child. The rest, let’s leave it to the authorities to handle. Thank you dear all.


We dont know what is the boy’s usual behavior in school. We dont know what happened prior.
Whatever it is, as a teacher, she should not have done what she did. She should’ve controlled her anger. Know that exerting too much strength on young children may result in hurting them, she still did so. She must not be thinking straight at that moment. I am sure she must be regretful of her actions and anger now. If she isn’t regretful, then I would say that her teaching method is harsh. Different people, different teaching method. But, these aren’t her children! She ought to reflect on her actions!


Guys, we dun know wat exactly happened… I am not supporting the teacher or anything… But it could have been an accident while she was discipling the kid… Though I dun agree with her aggressive approach… But I am really shock with some ppl in their 20s and 30s overacting… Our teachers were way worst, rmb the 1 metre ruler… Do we hate our teachers’ for tat? Let the teacher explain before we react… But she shd nt be using so much physical force on the kid, our teachers’ nvr did tat… Tat is something she has to really answer for…

Why not we all just spend a moment saying our prayers to this poor boy & also the teacher.

Why the teacher?

Cuz as all of you are cursing swearing & hoping for her to be jailed ASAP, she is at home, bawling her eyes out, about to have her hair cut short, spend quite a while in an 8 by 8 cell & wishing she could turn back time & react differently to the boy.

Anger is smtg we cannot control no matter how strong our Faith in our Religion is.

And the lil boy ( Thank God he is recuperating ) is alive & at home right now resting.

Who are we to judge & who are we to assume things despite the viral CCTV clip?

Just calm down & let the authorities settle this matter with their utmost urgencies.

Trust me, just like the Haze, this will die down. Tip news of the teacher pops up on newspapers or whatnot. She WILL receive her punishments. As parents & naysayers, just do your jobs as per usual & stay neutral. Not typical. 6 months from now, parents will still send their children to different childcare centers where’re they are under the Union or not.

Lets have Faith & not judge.

But the child is ok now & will recover mentally just as long as the parents DO NOT instill hatred on him towards the teacher.

Thank You.


Being a parent looking after one child is difficult.. Let alone a teacher of a class.. Not saying that she is right.. But it can happen anywhere not only in SG.. Anger has its limitations.. Unfortunately, she did vented it on a poor young boy.. I feel sorry for all the parties.. Being a teacher is not easy, being a parent to have watched this is much more difficult.. hope everything will be okaye soon.. And all teachers, pre school management and parents learn from this incident..


It’s not about whether you can stand kids or not.. It’s whether you can be patient and think when you’re angry.. Move yourself from the situation and breathe.. There are firm/fierce but caring and loving teachers around.. I feel we should not judge just by the child being scared of a particular teacher.. Disciplining a child and preparing them for the reality of pri sch is good for them.. But defenitely not this way!


I sympathize with the family and yes, it’s a horrible thing to have happen on their child. Definitely, i agree that justice should be done to the boy and his family. But shame on you people who make baseless accusations such as teachers putting soap in children’s eyes and pulling children’s hair. Listen to yourselves, how ridiculous! And name calling, cursing that the teacher should be stoned and saying things that people wearing tudung will get stares tml and all.

How childish! Even though I’m feel that the accused teacher is wrong in doing such acts, I’m even more disgusted with your comments and reactions.

It is fine if you are commenting to express your GENUINE concern for the child and family. But if it is to satisfy your selfish needs of being a “hero” by cursing, I recommend you reflect on your own actions rather than commenting about others’.


Who are we to judge? I’ve got kids to. I’m not related & did I say I’m on the teacher’s side?

This is what I meant by calming down.

And act like a proper Muslim & react calmly not like how the Hijab teacher reacted to the child.

If I was the teacher’s sister or relative definitely I will be deeply angered for what she did.
But as a MUSLIM, I will not hate her.

You should stop all this hatred regardless of what is happening.

Are you the judge?
Are you the police?
Why do want to spread hate more hatred than there already is?
And you’re a Hijab too.
What gives you the right to ask me accusingly about whatnot?

Calm down.

This matter is under investigations cuz the authorities NEED TO LISTEN TO TEACHER’S SIDE OF THE STORY.

So in court, the prosecutor & the defendant can argue.

She will definitely be charged.
But you can’t control the situation.
Nor can you assume things.

Alhamdulillah the child is getting better but he is still in pain.
If it was my child, I will shy him away from the public’s eye as that will impose more trauma on him.

Stop being narrow minded & have Faith.

Any of you can ASSUME I am laid back about this whole matter.
But get back to your roots as Muslim Parents.

That’s all I’m saying.

I just don’t understand & am deeply sad to see such hatred comments posted by SOME Hijab & Muslim parents.

Just get back to what you have all learnt & studied since you are all talking about religion, parents’ feelings & etc.

Our children are our rezeki that Allah swt gave.
But what HAPPENS to our children without our PRESENCE, is something we cannot predict & control.

Think about this.

I am not saying it is ok to abuse out children & then hooray hooray.

I am saying, when it happens, it happens.
We will fight for our children as parents.
Fight til the end.
Like how ( my deepest condolences & God bless their souls ) the two brothers passed away at tamp after the truck driver hit them.

All we can do is pray, & fight for our children.

These incidents are written & the most we can do, as parents, is pray.
And be protective of our children.
And leave the punishing to the authorities & court.
And if we have to fight, so be it a fight that is clean & fulfilled.

Sensitive issue or not, I stand for what I believe in when it comes to what God has in store for us.

My mum, once hit my first born with a CD COVER that left my daughter w a bruised forehead bigger than an egg & a scar about an inch is permanent.
I kid you not.
My brother witnessed this.
I confronted my mum.
Filled with emotions, I hated her.
But what did hate do??
Cause more evil.

In the end my mom changed & he treats my children well.

This case is different.
But the concept?
Is the same.

The more hatred you spread from all of this, you get nothing in the end cuz punishments & judgements will be dealt with severely.
I refuse to follow the winds of others cursing & swearing.
And wishing the defendant dead.

I will still stand on my ground as being calm & letting things run course by course.

Not spread gossips & rumors bigger than wildfire that will eventually turn it’s tables on those hateful people.

As I said, I do not support the teacher.
I do not like what she has done to an innocent child, naughty or not.
I hope she will receive time for her acts & realize her mistake & change.

But I do NOT hate her.
Not do I judge her.



This video is really not conclusive. Have you ever thought if investigations shown the teacher did not abuse the child, citizens had already judged her guilty, and she would already lose her job.

The parents of this video is smart to exact punishment on the teacher via a court of public opinions. So shall we crush this lady to the fullest extent even beyond and before any judgement can be done?

Personally I think Ramadan is for all, a period of respect and asking for forgiveness. I think those that deny anybody to Ramadan deserve Ramadan more than anyone else.

The conclusion is already done-ed. No amount of justifications can save this macik. Now that punishment on earth had already been carried out, shall we all chant until even hell awaits her?

I watched the video again and again trying my best to be as incriminating as possible to find fault with the teacher.

But one scene keep coming back, the boy ran towards the teacher? That was not done in fear? 

If she’s guilty let her be punished but I think “we” had already exacted more weighted punishment on her much to the desire of the boy parents. Are we going back to cavemen days and rule by mob?


In this case, it is one in 1500 teachers. While statistically insignificant, NTUC came together to address this issue and working towards improvements. On a Sunday yesterday, the CEO, GMs and a director from discussed many things, one of which includes the redesign of the class and curriculum to prevent similar lapses in future. 

I’m not defending the teacher, but no one saw any hint of aggression from her and there were no complaints made against her.

I’m hoping in the spirit of Ramadan our Muslim friends can bring forth a messsge of forgiveness. She will still be punished if found guilty, but it’ll be nice if we can encourage reconciliation.


let the formal investigation proceeds its course. We (each one) have our opinions on this saga, some equivalent to calling for blood, and some seeking reconciliation. The final desirable would be for eradication or minimization of such situations in future.


image from the net



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