The Great COE Debate – Reflections by Mr Hri Kumar

Over 70 residents participated in the COE forum, and most agreed that the debate was honest and robust.  One reason was some of the ground rules  we had set:

(a) no motherhood statements (anyone can say:”we should have a fair system, which keeps costs down and addresses congestion” – but that is unhelpful);

(b) you cannot criticise or reject a plan, unless you come up with an alternative; and

(c) each group had to come up with a plan of sufficient detail which would be palatable to Singaporeans.

As a result, the discussion did not descend into generalities, and many specific proposals were brought up and discussed.

Just as important, participants had to deal with responses to their proposals.   In particular, it became evident that those who were advocating allocating COEs on a “needs” basis struggled to defined “needs”.

The upshot was that it became clear that this was an exceedingly difficult exercise – each proposal benefitted one group, but disadvantaged another; or was just too difficult to implement.

We are drafting our submissions to LTA, and will post the same here.

Thanks again to all who took part.

   Hri Kumar


COE system is part of overall transport and infrastructural game plan.

by TH



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