As much as you ridicule professional soldiers and what they do, the fact of the matter is, WE keep you Safe. Happy SAF Day !

by Joe  T  :

My post today is a simple one.

Dedicated to the soldiers who have served or are still serving in the Armed Forces today.

For the sovereignty of our nation is and will not be protected simply through a solid economy or political system,
But by a force,
Ready at any moment to step forward when required.

These group of highly trained professionals ensure that Singapore will forever be free from harm,
Free to grow and thrive as a nation.

Singapore’s success today at its relatively tender age is not by chance,
But by a combination of factors,
With national defence as the overarching pillar that supports it all.


Happy SAF Day Fellow Soldiers.

For We Are The Warriors Who Had Kept And Will Continue To Keep Singapore Safe.
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.


Reasons Why One Should Respect Professional Soldiers In The Armed Forces.

1) We Keep You Safe
There’s no denying that the safe environment Singapore present us today has somehow been taken by most as a given. But, all these are not built from nothing. Singapore’s defence policy stems fundamentally on two pillars, diplomacy and deterrence, and the Armed Forces play a vital role in the latter.

As much as you ridicule professional soldiers (both males and females, even though sadly the males have themselves done national service) and what they do, the fact of the matter is, we keep you safe.

We are well trained in our specialities, skilled in our profession. Even though we don’t explicitly show it, trust me when I say, when shit hits the fan, we will be there.

2) We Do More Than What You Think We Do
You may have served the Armed Forces as part of your National Service stint, or heard stories from fellow soldiers who’ve served before. There’s no denying that not everyone would have a pleasant National Service experience. At times, their contributions are deemed lesser as compared to others. But that shouldn’t be deem unworthy altogether. Because the truth is, the Armed Forces is a massive network of team efforts.

What you hear from your friends are just a small slice of our overall capabilities. We do more than what you have heard. But because of your pre-dispositions that soldiers are nothing but infantry men charging up the hills with their rifles, you miss out on interesting stories of the real things we do. Next time, chuck aside your stereotypes when you meet a professional soldier in a social setting, ask us what we do, and maybe you’ll be amazed how little you know about us.

3) We React Better In Emergency Situations
Because of what professional soldiers do – training and planning for contingencies in life and death situations at our line of work, reacting in emergency situations become a second nature instinct for many of us. If you haven’t realized, most times when you see: people fainting on the streets; at accident sites; in a situation when someone needs emergency assistance, you would typically see professional soldiers/civil servants reacting first to it. No, we are not wannabe heroes, but rather, its pre-programmed in us to deal with it, because thats our job, and its to keep people safe and save lives.

4) We Are All About Camaraderie
Unlike the private sector, where its a dog eat dog world, professional soldiers live our lives strongly by the ‘bro code’ or simply, camaraderieship. When you face problems in a private sector job, its sad to see how your colleagues (some even friends who you wine and dine with everyday) would raise both their hands and say: “Not my problem”, and leave you to fend for yourselves.

But not in the Armed Forces, we believe in supporting each other, loyalty. Because we know when we hit the fields, we are all that we can depend on. Therefore, if we see a comrade fall, we would pick him/her up as a team, because we believe that teamwork supersedes individualism.

Every soldier is a son, and because of that, we leave no man behind.

5) Responsibilities
In the private sector, the only thing people worry about is, bottom-line. Profits, returns, money, money money money (need i say more?).

Not in the Armed Forces. We talk about, Lives. A typical professional soldiers (aged 22-24) has minimally 6 soldiers’ lives under his care. And as they progressed into the job, at age 28-30, a typically professional soldier can have up to 150 soldiers’ lives under his/her care. We are like the modern day nanny: taking care of their daily needs; food and essentials; training them to be proficient soldiers; keeping them safe; answering to their worried parents etc.

Our responsibilities are more than bottom-lines, we are the givers of life skills, moulding/ transforming these soldiers at their most crucial years (18-22 years old), and hopefully showing them the light to make mature/ sensible decisions after they’ve served their call of duty.

We don’t worry about the money, because what’s lost can be made back.

Instead we focus on lives, because once it is lost, it can never be returned.

Its sad to know that in today’s society,
Because of ignorance,
A lot of people choose to undermine the good work that professional soldiers do.

l’m writing this post with a hope:
To influence a change of perception and encourage the appreciation of professional soldiers of our time.

Never Forget,
That we are safe today,
Only because a group of professionals works tirelessly behind the scene to make it possible for us.

So if you believe in my call,
Share it with a friend,
And give these professionals what they deserve,


 Joe  T



Photo: Hey guys, it's 1 day to SAF Day Parade 2013! Tomorrow at this time, nerves will be flying as participants will be preparing for the event. Show your support by liking and tagging photos in the SAF Day photo albums! Visit the pages now!

Here’s a compilation of the SAF Day promotions (thanks to all participating organisations)! Take your pick and enjoy!

Link :  Compilation of SAF Day Promotions



by Johnny Bo


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