The Real Singapore has published an article falsely attributed to me, it is pure fiction – Ms Irene Ng

Thought should alert readers that the website The Real Singapore has published an article falsely attributed to me it is pure fiction. It carries the title: “PAP MP IRENE NG: WE SHOULD NOT PLAY THE BLAME GAME OVER THE HAZE PROBLEM”, with my photo and the attribution to me as PAP MP. 

I did not write this article and have nothing to do with it. Sad that the website allows the publication of such malicious forgeries in the name of an elected MP to deceive and mislead their readers. I have asked TRS to take down the article from its website immediately, and to apologise for publishing the article, and for the damage caused to me.

Given the seriousness of the matter, I have also made a police report. Cheating, fraud and impersonation– whether online or in real life – cannot be condoned. Singaporeans deserve better and need to know when they are being duped by a website with fictitious articles and forgeries. It is one thing for a website or its writers to be critical of the Government; it is another to impersonate an MP and deceive its readers.

I am all for freedom of speech and for people to have the right to express their views. But this is not about freedom of speech – it is about forgery and impersonation with a malicious intent to deceive. And some Singaporeans have indeed been deceived, as can be seen by the posts following the article. Such unethical and criminal activity must not be allowed to happen with impunity. Otherwise, all MPs – and, indeed, anyone of us – can be the next victims of such a crime and there will be no end of it. This will not be in Singapore’s interest. Such irresponsible and unethical websites need to be exposed.

Hence, I have decided to take this stand. I take no pleasure from this. 

Hope for your support. Look forward particularly to the support of all the reasonable people in the Singaporean online community who believe in their ability and responsibility to check each other and to uphold ethical standards online. Thank you.


* Update from Ms Irene’ Fb * 28.6.2013

There has been some posts about why TRS did not verify the authenticity of the article with me.

I asked TRS that same question in my email asking it to take down the post. In its email reply to me today, TRS said that it did not verify the article with me for this reason: “We are unable to deal with the authenticity of PAP MPs because none of them reply to our emails and request…”

Amazing. I don’t know how it can then genuinely believe that a PAP MP would send them an article to publish.


Comments : 

“Someone with the email of actually sent the email to us.”

Ridiculous reasoning there. So if I set up a gmail account “”, does this mean I’m authentic?
Obviously not.

Accept the blame and stop coming up with weak excuses for your editorial lapse, please. It does not do any justice to the online news community of Singapore to continue with your current slant.


Con artists trying to fake and peddle their fake goods on the website. Sounds like black market.. Readers beware!


FreeMyInternet from such sites !!


Wow. Politics in Singapore taken to a whole new level with people attributing made-up statements to MP Irene Ng. Perhaps The Real Singapore could admit it’s mistake forthrightly and live up to it’s name rather than simply pushing the blame elsewhere.


“FreeMyInternet”? All the more we need Mr Yaccob’s new guidelines. No. Not new guidelines. It’s even tougher punishments against those spreading falsehoods and refusing to provide evidence to back their claims in their post! Very thick skin of those midgets to impersonate a genuine MP eh?


First it was “we replied and verify. we even email to her Tampines GRC email.” Now its “We are unable to deal with the authenticity of PAP MPs because none of them reply to our emails and request…” So which is the truth? First? Second? Or neither? Those Real Slimeballs.


The Real Singapore FB page published a forged post that was attributed to MP Irene Ng, and which had drawn vitriolic attacks against her. How ironic for a site calling itself “Real”. Have we sunk this low that people are forging things to attack their political opponents? What’s next, sending poison through the mail? We don’t need this!


Not easy being politicians.. Often maligned and quoted out of context. As readers we just have to be discerning..


the credibility of  therealsingapore has always been questionable, such irresponsible ppl.


As moderate Singaporean living in this Country, we have to action against this baseless information & fabrication that will harm the fabric of Singapore.


although i am not a PAP supporter, i do agree that such falsehoods should not be condoned .. impersonating another person (be it MP or otherwise) is indeed shameless, especially if its done with a clear intent to hurt/malign the person involved.


Let me guess , soon these anti-government website will say PAP forbid freedom of speech and they will then again gather at hong lim park and protest FreeMyInternet 

To these bloggers like the infamous Andrew Loh who cursed the President , being responsible is out of their equation .

They as usual will cry being victimized by the government . 

What Irene Ng is doing now is the real FreeMyInternet from these nonsense


by now TRS have firmly accredited itself as the glaring testimony of whats wrong about irresponsible media.


Latest – 30 June 2013

A netizen has come forward to claim ownership of the article falsely attributed to Ms Irene Ng.

Read his post as attached.


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