Inconvenient truths – about Singapore

(Image by Ernest Goh)

Excerpt :

This small country is tied to its neighbours both politically and economically. And our big neighbours know that. That’s why they can throw their weight around. We’re tied to each other by investments and trade, including essential materials like sand, water and gas. People make calculations: Which side needs the other more?

Yet shout and scream we must lest we seem too easily bullied. But shouting and screaming must be accompanied by strength, whether it is a strong armed forces or hefty reserves that can see us through crises. The inconvenient truth is that the haze has shown us how vulnerable we are to the vagaries of nature, the vicissitudes of the global economy – and the varying responses of regional players. It has become so that others can even utter that we should be glad, and even pay? – for the oxygen we breathe. Can you ever imagine Singapore saying something like that to anyone? This little red dot would have been pulverised!


Excerpt :

If there’s something the G should take heart in, it is that the citizens still want it to lead from the front, rather than have a “de-centralised’’ policy. This is good because it bodes well for the people’s trust in the G, but bad because it assumes that the community, in its many forms, cannot think – and do – for themselves.

While diplomats and doctors debate over the cause and effects of the haze, where does that leave the rest of us?

by Bertha Henson
to read the full article, please click the link : Inconvenient truths – about Singapore


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