Hello, your so call “foc cum HATE” speech = you can insult the President of Singapore ?

This was posted on Fab’s Timeline by Henry. Mr Andrew Loh, is this what #FreeMyInternet is about? Free to insult the head of state?

In more liberal countries with a so-called freer press, reporters and media participant has been suspended and sacked for less.

Mr Andrew Loh, you owed everyone, especially the President of Singapore, an apology hor.

Our President Dr Tony Tan has devoted most of his life to serve the nation. We should treat him with dignity and respect, especially now that he holds the highest office in SG.

This is Dr Tan’s contributions over several decades, Andrew Loh, what have you done?

Fabrications About The PAP


Comments : 

Too bad people can’t be arrested for using foul language.


Some ppl cannot accept People’s Mandate..He is chosen by the People, not by the Govt. If someone cannot accept the People’s Mandate,then communism or Dictatorship is a better option for him


Andrew Loh works for Yahoo Singapore management. I’m sure he will be sacked by Yahoo management for using vulgarity against Singapore President.


This is not the way to address the highest office holder of the country, right? This is so unwanted, and extremely unglamorous, especially since that is a public post (note the “globe” under the name) by Andrew Loh, which can be seen by many people. 

Yahoo should fire Andrew Loh.


People like him don’t think about the greater implications of what they say, they just say it. How would he feel if others insulted someone he respected. Would he say it’s ok?

Regardless of who having made such remarks/statements, I believe the authorities should take some actions, especially since the Presidency is the highest office of the land and representing the Republic of Singapore, and it should not be subjected to such degrading remarks.

 This Andrew Loh is a big disgrace to humanity, morality and Singaporeans. Oh ya, and also to my family’s name…- by another Mr Loh

How very rude! Just because you haven’t seen him in action doesn’t mean the president has been doing nothing.

So much hate on his FB page… as Goethe said, “A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.” In a way I pity someone like him, who lives his days in anger and hate. Something very damaged inside.

such disrespect for the office of the head of state is tantamount to insulting Singaporeans. IMHO, it can be equated to trampling our our state colors or flag. For what personal disagreements he may have on the handling of the issue(s) in question, such behaviour should not be tolerated

The guy who keeps writing articles that make people yawn has resorted to using vulgarity on our President. I know some voted for other candidates, but I don’t see what wrong Dr Tony Tan has done to deserve such vulgarities hurled at him.

Distasteful… Freedom of speech doesn’t mean irresponsible speech.

Andrew low new low! So this is what they want Internet to be free of control for?!

Speak responsibly and respectfully.

**update** – The  post from Mr Andrew Loh’ facebook  has been remove from public’ sight.

**Latest**  – Andrew Loh apologises to the President and to Singaporeans for Facebook posting.

“With regards to an earlier posting I made on my Facebook page criticising President Tony Tan, I hereby offer my sincerest apology to the President and to Singaporeans.

“The words I used were harsh and insulting, and the sentiments I expressed about the President unfair and untrue.

“I also apologise to Singaporeans for insulting the President and the office that he holds.

“I would like to thank my fellow netizens for pointing out my failings. I will keep this lesson in mind.

“I shall also be writing to the President to offer him my apology.

“Thank you.”



One comment on “Hello, your so call “foc cum HATE” speech = you can insult the President of Singapore ?

  1. Me says:

    Yahoo will not fire him. But he is the perfect example of why we need those regulations for posting.

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