And if you want to be critical, it’s fair game. But don’t fabricate lies – Tan Chuan Jin ( Haze PSI 3- hour 56)

  Tan Chuan-Jin

There are two sites that you may wish to look at:

Some have decided to fabricate falsehoods in the midst of this situation. A case in point was an early post claiming that the PSI hit 393 but NEA changed the information. It was a lie. The photo was doctored. Or consider the claims that Tan Tock Seng Hospital was overcharging on masks. Or claims by a politician that none of the masks would be for the public etc. Pls see:

It is unfortunate that this is happening amidst this present situation. This is just the beginning. Dry season will run till perhaps September. Fires are still burning and wind directions will not remain benign. The Haze could get worse.

We are still dealing with Dengue and it is still critical.

And beyond our shores, let’s keen an eye out for the Coronavirus.

Our officers are working the multiple issues (thank you!). And we will continue to make sure we look after our people.

So share information to help by all means. Come forward to help in whatever way you can.

And if you want to be critical, it’s fair game.

But don’t fabricate lies. Please. Not in the midst of dealing with issues on public concern and safety.

Continue to look out for each other.


Comments : 

–    I am not surprised but sad at silly behavior. In the affairs of life, politics or otherwise, we need to do things with conscience. Malicious humans are a pain during our fight against this minacious Haze and dengue situation. Must focus and never allow such incidents to distract your noble effort to help your people! Keep up good spirit!


–   I totally agree with Chuan Jin on his points made. Triggering for action via social media like a mirror or sounding board must be done with integrity and facts at best efforts. Fabricating lies and half truths to do so is totally unacceptable. 
Looking out for each other DOES NOT include throwing confusion. 
When found wrong, it is honorable to retract and made even better efforts to point out the faults of the information. 
Once the authorities are on it and gears are in action, support and trust must be given for fair chance to make it work. Failing to do so is tantamount to sabotaging and is deplorable.



One comment on “And if you want to be critical, it’s fair game. But don’t fabricate lies – Tan Chuan Jin ( Haze PSI 3- hour 56)

  1. Danny Lee says:

    This is the reason why I support law suits against liars. It is planting evidence to fix people. Whoever is responsible for this should be dealt with just as hard. It is call fair game.

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