No cases of SARS or MERS-Cov in Singapore, says MOH

A report on a British newspaper website says a 27-year-old man in S’pore tested positive for SARS

SINGAPORE – Responding to a report published on the website of British newspaper Daily Mail, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has clarified that there are currently “no cases of SARS or MERS-CoV in Singapore”.

“MOH has been alerted to an erroneous report published by the Daily Mail Online noting that a 27-year old man had tested positive for SARS at a NUH lab,” said the ministry in a statement today (June 23).

The Daily Report said that the 27-year-old man was the world’s first case of SARS since the World Health Organization declared a global outbreak over on July 5, 2003.

The information on the man was “likely extracted from an old media report in 2003”, said the MOH.

The Health Ministry has since asked the Daily Mail to remove the article from its website.

Link : Todayonline : No cases of SARS or MERS-Cov in Singapore, says MOH



Some comments : 

– This is what some would do to create chaos and confusion, to sow the seed of doubt and fear in order to break Singapore.

– The actual article is created in Sept 2003. This news is an old news which is currently being shared around without verification. This news is creating more fear during such difficult times. Don’t understand why some people spread news like that.

– Thanks for the clarification those nuts got nothing better to do, this is the time all Singaporean need to unite together irregardless of race or parties not sowing discords. Cause we are Singaporean

Malicious humans.

– There are so many stupid people are with so much time on their hands?

– 5th of July which year? Today is 23rd June 2013. What is the motive of publishing this article? Someone is stocking up N95 can’t wait to use this article to push their profit?

– the citizens aren’t fearful enough of the Haze, now want to drive this in… just too free digging out history and stir. 
Then those who went around sharing did not bother to verify and also read into the article.

– It is a random person who has eaten his dinner full and can’t find anything to do and start doing something stupid like this.

Another rumour monger who want to declare the state of emergency !



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