I’m sure we are showing our neighbours what wimps we are. (Haze PSI 3-hour : 178)

“Btw it makes sense to seed the clouds over Indonesia rather than Singapore as that is a permanent solution. Seeding clouds over Singapore may end up sending rain to JB!

We are definitely all getting neurotic over this haze.

We are definitely showing our ugly side as Singaporeans by lambasting our country’s management all the time.

Surely declaring a state of emergency INDEFINITELY is not THE solution here !

Considering that (I would assume) some of us here screaming our lungs out are sleeping in air-con rooms and working in air-conditioned offices.

I’m sure we are showing our neighbours what wimps we are.

Don’t be knee-jerkers.

Before you stereotype me as those who has it all, I am like many average Singaporean adult who has a family with elderly parents and young children.

I however would choose to face it like how a mature adult would do and not some screaming, pampered children.

After all, the real culprits are not within Singapore but beyond. Direct your frustration at them!

If you think your opinion does not mean anything to them, then consider the plight of our country itself then – thus we can only do all we can!” – 

by Kelvin 


I keep hearing – they do this every year!!! And ‘no masks left anywhere why we not given them for free?’

Erm if you know it happens every year why aren’t people prepared themselves? Suffocating on principle?

from : Fabrications About The PAP

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