Singaporeans spend most of their time complaining about our government, are we not a country of people who are educated ? (Haze PSI 153)

The way a country responses to a crisis shows the character of its people and how united they are. Time and time again, when something major hits our little red dot, Singaporeans spend most of their time complaining about the GOV, the GOV never do this, GOV never do that. That’s understandable when it comes to issues like housing, cars, inflation.

But honestly what can our government do against a weather phenomenon, in particular one stemming from a far away land where the environment is different.

Do we have to be so dependent on the GOV for aid, a GOV many time and time again deem unreliable and swear to vote against them in the next election?

Are we not a country of people who are educated, have access to the Internet and knowledge from abroad?

Do we not often talk about how resilient we are?

If we can create online channels for the transactions of “commodities” like hello kitties, portals for anonymous students and NSF to share their secrets, why can’t we just create one to help share information with the public?

The people of a nation are judged by how we handle crisis, the Japanese banded together and rebuilt Fukishima together, supporting one another.

I think it’s high time we Singaporeans learnt to do the same. Lets stop playing the blame game, the whole of the Indonesian peninsular already knows its their fault for the haze, whining about it just adds noise to the already polluted air.

For a start how about sharing locations of areas with N95 mask and giving priority to the elderly and young for purchase ?


One million N95 masks will be given out free to the poorest 200,000 households starting from Sunday. Chairman of the inter-ministerial committee on haze Dr Ng Eng Hen announced this on Friday night.

Source Link ST : Govt to give out free N95 masks to 200,000 needy households


6 comments on “Singaporeans spend most of their time complaining about our government, are we not a country of people who are educated ? (Haze PSI 153)

  1. Aw Le Chai says:

    Agree with you man writer. But got some really good-hearted people out there who started giving away N95 mask for free.

    After that got many group of people come together to organize support for others as well:

    Faith in humanity restored!

  2. Stinger says:

    Well Said Bro…..
    This was one of my reflection, If we all stand together we make better solution and voice correctly to our infrastructure. Thats how a nation stand together in a crisis.

  3. Bernard Soh says:

    I think it’s easy to say that the Japanese banded together and rebuilt Fukishima [sic] together. But it’s not fair to say that they did not complain against their government when they were lied to about the levels of radiation.

    I was in Japan last year (July 2012) and witnessed a long line of people protesting against nuclear power use.

    In fact, if you had cared to Google before writing, you’d find that news like are still biting the government after such a long period (Singaporeans are far more forgiving and would have forgotten this by 2016). You probably can find more from Wikipedia (e.g. )

  4. Facts says:

    What about your neighbour’s dog poo at your corridor? Will you make noise too? or again and again, you quietly clear up the shit for them? What you have said don’t really make sense here. This problem isn’t just happened yesterday. Its decades. And yet, Minister of indonesia have no sense of remorse over the matter, and instead, turning around saying Singaporean for being childish. It is something that can be prevented or improved yet nothing is done. Thus, why people complained about their government? They have no authority to discuss the matter with Indonesia. Isn’t it simple and understandable? Singaporean has been behaving well all the while, else, you will be seeing chaos all over the island. Or you think that, they should not complain about their government but go on strike again? They have already done their part as a good citizen. So please explain, what do you mean by educated? Riots? Suffering over the years during this period of the year, you expect them to keep quiet. They can’t do anything and then now, they can’t even talk. If your dog ain’t happy, it will bark too, Yes, we understand that it’s hard for their government to handle this case as they wanted to maintain good relationship with others and also to bring peace. Now, It health concern. They knew that their government is doing something, yet what they’ve done is not good enough. Talking about united, look at what you are doing now. Jesus!

  5. Facts says:

    I’m sorry to have spoken my opinion our your article here. I just think that, it’s up to them to complain. Government don’t understand how their citizens feel and so do the citizen could understand how tough the situation is for their government to handle it. Look at it this way, for those who are having sinus and low immune body system, they suffer more than what you can think of. And not say about the poor, who might not even afford to buy a better mask. (Especially due to high consumption, price increment on the mask cannot be avoided.) They are the last to get aid. Please be understandable and stop criticizing about them. This is what i called “United”.

  6. eudimis says:

    “What about your neighbour’s dog poo at your corridor? Will you make noise too? or again and again, you quietly clear up the shit for them?”

    That is such an awful analogy. Besides, the equivalent would be complaining to your own mother about the neighbor’s dog shitting at your doorstep.

    As a whole, your reply is just off-topic and misses the point of the post.

    The poster is not saying that the government is totally not at fault. His point was not that the government did not deserve any of the criticism.

    What he was saying was that instead of spending all our time complaining and shouting at the government and waiting around for their help – because we don’t need it. We as Singaporeans (paraphrasing article) are independent, well-educated, knowledgeable and have access to a widespread communication channels between citizens of our country.

    Why are we such a prideful bunch despite not being able to handle ourselves without the government? What makes you think that the government is totally at fault here? Are Singaporeans so entitled and needy that we think we should have the government do all the work for us while we sit in our homes and lift nary a finger?

    As you hopefully saw, there was a group who eventually took the initiative to start a movement to share N95 masks and air-conditioned living spaces for the less privileged, that’s what the post is talking about. Singaporeans should be investing their energy into helping each other rather than hating on the government – because what the f* is that going to do?

    The government holds some fault – they probably could have acted a little faster, but Singaporeans have shown themselves to be a community with a majority of whiners who can’t do shit for themselves.

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