Singaporeans have pretty low crisis adversity quotient. Got problem(s) – KPKB. When a nation met with crisis, it’s the Worst time to be partisan (Haze PSI -245)


PSI now over 400. The Singapore Child is being suffocated. How can he not scream?

Former Malaysian PM Abdullah Badawi used to say that Malaysians and Singaporeans are like neighbours living in a pair of semi-detached houses. What each does will affect the other. So we have to be considerate in our behavior like not putting on the TV too loudly or burning our garden refuse openly if the smoke will enter our neighbour’s house.

Indonesia does not share a semi-detached house with Malaysia or Singapore. But its detached bungalow is in the same housing estate. So Badawi’s analogy of neighborly behavior still applies.

Sumatra is a big place. Forest and peat fires are not easy to put out. They are not like our lallang or bush fires, small and confined. They burn and smoulder over thousands of acres in remote places far from the reach of fire fighters. So it is best to prevent man-made, illegal fires from being started in the first place.

But as of now, the Singapore Child better learn to survive the tortuous smog and haze. —gct


Assorted Comments from the net :

This is a time for us to come together and help each other. I bought quite a numbers of N95 to be distributed to my staff and friends.

Then I heard news of government subsidizing medical bills of those affected by haze. It actually shows how “forward” thinking the government is. What they cannot solve, Indonesia haze- as it’s sovereignty issue , they solve localize issues like giving medical assistance and 9 million N95 mask to be released from MOH. 

If this is not a proactive government, what is? I’m tired of defending and I don’t even want to. Hate perpetuate those people who no matter what will never agree with anything PAP. 

When a nation met with crisis, it’s the worst time to be partisan. At least WP has the wits to keep their mouth shut EXCEPT pritnam singh who suddenly became an expert PSI professor disputing numbers put up by NEA.


Just for info of those smartalec

PSI = Pollutant Standard Index. It measures the POLLUTANTS of the air NOT VISIBILITY!

Idiots that put up this kind of picture only show they are not smart but act smart!

So smart that they are even better than machines made specifically to measure PSI. These kind of people better volunteer their service to NEA or HSA! Why HSA? Obviously their body are tuned to measure PSI that even technology cannot detect!

All accidental pseudo weather men please go report to NEA, they need your help or Hougang Green to get your brain fixed!

Pseudo weathermen aplenty!


PSI measures particulates of 10 micrometers or less. We can’t see it. So even if it smells better and looks better it doesn’t mean it is better. Conversely just because it smells worse and looks worse, it doesn’t mean the PSI has gone up.


A lot of mad people posting on facebook saying its a PAP conspiracy and NEA is keeping the truth from us. So much for national resilience. A bit of haze and people going insane.


When we get over this, it’ll be good for PM Lee to call for a snap election, public transport & flats won’t be ready anyway till after 2016 & beyond, our leaders seriously need a break, they don’t deserve to lead a country of assholes.


Whatever happened to self-reliance?


people never learn … but first class at complaining and grousing


u know alot of people just rely on alternative news outlets to get their ‘news’ which will never say anything good that the government is doing


If I were Agung Laksono, reading how some Singaporeans slam our govt for the haze, I’ll be grinning cheek to cheek.


The best way to exhibit among other things our stupidity.


Be rational! Demand for shorter shifts and reduced exposure to the outdoors, perhaps. But a stop work order? How are essential services going to continue? Aren’t some of these workers paid on a daily basis as well? Even haters ought to have some common sense as well.


The more I stay on FB reading Singapore-related threads, the more I’m convinced that Singapore is on a one-way ticket to a town called “doomed”!


Overheard from a local social media expert: The haze has flushed out the idiots on facebook.


During times like this when the country is in adversity, those people still expect the ministers to update their every movement, gotta report to them even when they go toilet izit ?!?!

The relevant ministers better be on their toes working on the issues and not be like U n me, sitting in front of our PCs punching away on the keyboard. Duh!


Image from the net


for more Reference  :   Understanding PSI: Don’t go chasin’ PSIs!



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