Our Government is weak and indecisive because there isn’t a stop-work order ? No wonder foreign countries laughed at us Singaporeans for behaving like children (Haze PSI 153 )

When foreign countries laughed at us Singaporeans for behaving like children i was a little offended but now i would like to drop that and agree (to a certain degree)…

We do not only behave like one and in fact we behave worse than one.

If the condition is life threatening and hazardous enough, do we need a 3rd entity to intervene us out of harm’s way?

Have we become so daft as to outsource our health responsibility to the authorities?

If you are not well, just don’t turn up at work and have the spine to say you are defending your own health instead of hiding behind the gahment when your boss ask where you are.

And do we honestly true to heart think this gahment is weak and indecisive?

If you think so because there isn’t a stop-work order then in my humble opinion this is precisely why you are not running the country and somebody else does.

Oh yes me harsh, me very harsh… have we ever even considered the impact of a nation-wide stop work order?

It will be a pandemic hollywood scale chaos and i am not even about to be dramatic here.

It is not as simple as you whose arse is seated in an air-conditioned office penning hate note on blogs and forums or Facebook…

It is about the whole country coming to a STOP, train wreck style.

Your banks would close but it’s ok, we don’t eat money don’t we?

But then all the stores and market will, no food, no char kway teow not even my fav butterfly fritters…

It will mean

  • no one to run the port,
  • no one to run the airport,
  • no one to drive your bus,
  • no school no care centre,
  • no one to drive your beloved MRT that sometimes breaks down…

it will mean maybe no water or electricity because the PUB guy stayed home,

it will mean no TV no radio… oh,

only emergency personnel need go to work right?

how are they, the nurses the doctors or police or army to arrive without public transport?

oh never mind, make public transport emergency personnel as well, because they are essential they should sacrifice they are dispensable they can breath PSI 400.

But then who is going to feed them emergency workers?

Oh for goodness sake, just bring back them cookies and chef and make them emergency workers as well…

oh wait, the cookie got no more cash to top up EZ-linik and the ATM is empty, but the bank is close…

OK for the fooking last time, let’s make bankers come back as emergency worker as well…

oh wait a sec, seems like everyone is back to work…


  • what is a stop-work order based on and who to implement it to?
  • For how long?
  • Once issued under what circumstances can it be retrieved?
  • So we want a gahment that goes “oh you poor thing you cannot see the block in front of you, let’s stop everything until you can..” ???

Think again??

I shudder to think my gahment is run by people I see who are so easy to moan and so quick to dismiss the picture.

Yes I moan too but let’s take a step back before we make a conclusive dismissal of the people who actually helps. It hurts. 

The lesson we learn again from this haze is nothing new.

Is that we are closely bonded no matter where we are.

That anything done anywhere in the world can affect anyone globally be it 1st world or 3rd world whatever you deem fit to term.

That to carry the not-in-my-backyard attitude just will not serve us for long because some day it will come back and hump you in your darkest hole.

The global population’s exponential growth is the real issue. In the last hundred years we have multiplied through the roof and it is a mad rush for our earth’s natural resources and space.

Our habit of finger pointing in Singapore has only one direction back into our own fat face because we import everything.

Yes the food we put into OUR singaporean’s mouth has to be grown somewhere… and there lies the divisive line between the industrialised countries and the developing countries…

because the developing region is making so many babies and one day they would run out of food for their own they would sell no more food to places like Singapore… ah then, then you can start to panic.

If there isn’t a nature’s culling of human with an epidemic or an asteroid collision, we human would simply die a viral death in the next century when we consume the last of our host, earth. What do we always call ourselves? Intelligent beings? Think again.

By Pang KW


image from the net


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