When this Little Red Dot gets bullied by the big brother of ASEAN, Indonesia. What would you do? To those calling for a State of Emergency to be declared in Singapore – do you even know what you are asking for? (Haze -PSI 253)

To those calling for a State of Emergency to be declared in Singapore – do you even know what you are asking for?

Special powers given to the Executive, the Police, the Home Affairs Minister, roads closed, curfews to the general public, people not allowed to gather in public places, streets and public places closed off after a certain time, schools, businesses, offices all shut down. Airports restricted.

Riau island can call a State of Emergency for its Kampongs, but for a country like Singapore, a global city to call a State of Emergency is not a trivial thing.

by Calvin Cheng


It’s not about the economy. I think everyone knows that it should be timely to stop. But how to call a stop without incuring a panic is another issue altogether.

by Benjamin


We may want to thank the haze situation, because, while we got smoke in our eyes, somehow we are able to see anti-Singaporeans popping up here and there trying to smoke Singaporeans who are already smoked by the haze.

Anti-government and anti-Singapore bloggers must be enjoying their kopi tea in front of their computer screen while writing all sort of distorted or rumors on social media thinking they can smoke all Singaporeans.

by JL



Get this straight, Singapore Ministers have done many things. 

★★★ Examples of what have been done ★★★

Is that they had repeatedly applied pressure on Indonesia to control the situation at the Root Location, Indonesia first.

However, due to the PSI Levels constantly rising in Singapore, the Singapore Government are worried about the health of Singaporeans.

Therefore, as already done, Singapore Officials today have PERSONALLY went to Indonesia to apply more pressure. Fortunately, Indonesia have since started plans for Cloud-Seeding Operations in Indonesia.


★★ To correct False Thinking ★★

Also, many of you may say, “Ministers do so little thing, they go holiday is it?”. However, please be aware that Singapore Ministers are currently already busy solving this pressing issue.

It may seem to you like ‘they did nothing’, but please know this fact.

Media doesn’t report EXACTLY EVERY SINGLE THING THE DO, that doesn’t mean that nothing or less has been done. The Government wants to solve the issue because they are concerned about Singaporeans’ welfare and state of health, NOT because they want the media to see.

Many of their actions to improve the situation are not heavily publicised. Thus you all may think they did not do anything.

Repeating the sentence again, they are busy resolving the issue, and they do it because they are concerned about Singaporeans, they don’t do all these just to let the Media see. This explains why it is not heavily publicised.



Concluding, I urge Singaporeans to stop spreading false information, and Alternative Media to stop typing False posts like this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=509900392396614&set=a.181409655245691.55639.181333458586644&type=1&theater

Lastly, as much as you all are frustrated by the haze, please also do not blame the whole Indonesia for this Haze, it is not Indonesia’s fault, it is the companies who have been burning.

Thank You for all your patience in reading this! 🙂

by True Singaporean Standsupforfacts


Some Singaporean say : 

When this Little Red Dot gets bullied by the big brother of ASEAN, Indonesia. What would you do? Would you stand united as one to demand action from the culprits operating oversea? Or would you be divided to hit out at the Minister-in-charge? Be used by foreign forces to create instability and dissatisfaction with rumours and lies?

People, WAKE UP.


I know the PAP is doing the best for Singapore and we have to respect their efforts and good work, our support is very important, Singapore cannot be divided, we are surrounded by big country, small surrounded by big, we can have to be united.


No doubt ministers are well paid doing something beyond my capability.

Wonder how much do those complaining get paid? Keep criticising for better ideas and ‘ ministers must do better coz of their huge pay’. Super lame!


Such are not within our control. Shouldn’t we go for the main culprit and brainstorm what can be done to educate n resolve this yearly problem instead of pointing fingers without providing resolutions.


I’m amazed that people can still blame the government at this time. Quite touching that they expect garmen to be omnipotent


the best is not to hit out at anyone… yes, the fire is caused by the people but the weather play a big part in this too… if only the wind changes direction, and theres a downpour, dont think we will suffer as much… we can say many things about the indonesian being uneducated, corrupted, bla bla, and thinking our government have a magic wand to change the situation… some of us are pampered much.. its haze, you get irritated and maybe get a bit sick but overall, we’ll live… cos many around the world are suffering much worse than us with earthquakes, hurricane, tornadoes, volcanoes eruptions and worse, war and unrest…. we are considered blessed…


When you are consumed with hatred for whatever reason, a mental mechanism called rationalization sets in. Most of the time, it leads to inability to see the forest for the trees. That is an unfortunate mental state, and we can not do anything about it. Many of them are among us. Some severe ones may have delusions too !


Is the ruling party always on the move to fix opposition? Without opposition, the ruling party will not do something to keep our cost of living down? Do we have credible opposition to begin with? Are they not in for the $$$? Huat Ah!


I’d say that the government is working their best for Singaporeans while the opposition is doing their best to make political gain.


Hey! U guys who are all so mighty smart to teach the govt n our PM wat to do, our air space is already polluted enuf, please stop polluting our cyber space. Make yourself useful…shut down your devise n go watch tv or something will ya ?


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One comment on “When this Little Red Dot gets bullied by the big brother of ASEAN, Indonesia. What would you do? To those calling for a State of Emergency to be declared in Singapore – do you even know what you are asking for? (Haze -PSI 253)

  1. Jelissa says:

    a little ironic that at the end of all the patriotic comments and sticking around to wait for the Government’s actions to bear fruit, there’s a small ad for Air Asia

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