Look out for one another . We will get through this together – PM Lee Hsien Loong ( Haze : PSI 371 )

The previous high of 226 was recorded in September 1997. I recalled many years ago while I was in Air Force, despite knowing the hazardous impact of calcium oxide exposure, I had stood forward to answer the call of duty, volunteered to serve and help cloud seeding at Indonesia’s forest fire in hope to reduce haze PSI level in my country. It was Ops Raintree. Vividly in mind, I witnessed the forest fire and experienced both the fire heat and “diplomacy tension”. 

From the experience (joint effort by our Republic of Singapore’s Air Force and Indonesia Air Force TNI-AU), I’m very convinced that our country is ever-ready in helping our neighbors in combating haze around the region. As what our Env Minister Vivian Balakrishnan has shared, “No country or corporation has the right to pollute the air at the expense of Singaporeans’ health and wellbeing.”

This day, we have experienced the worst haze. Urging Singaporeans to look out for each other, our Prime Minister Lee has shared that we should “Look out for one another – we will get through this together.”

Let us stay calm as we make adjustments to our daily routine for the next few days.

Patience is not about how long we wait, at times, it is also a test of resilience and how well we “react” or ”behave” while we wait – esp at difficult “hazy” times. I’m confident that our government is doing their very best, with Singaporeans’ health and well-being at heart!
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  Lee Hsien Loong  ( Lee Hsien Loong) 19.6.2013

Just back from my Meet-the-People Session. We were all tracking the PSI during the MPS, and dismayed that for a time it went above 300. Minister Vivian has briefed the press to explain what we are doing, and guide the public on how to respond  http://bit.ly/10xFN8c

Cabinet had discussed the haze situation fully when it met this afternoon. But as the haze has worsened, I am meeting the relevant ministers again first thing tomorrow, and will brief the press after that.

Meanwhile, if the PSI reading stays high, please stay indoors where possible and avoid heavy outdoor activities. Look out for one another – we will get through this together. – LHL

   Tan Chuan-Jin (Tan Chuan Jin) 20.6.2013

I share many of your concerns, particularly for those outdoors carrying out strenuous activities, in particular construction workers, cleaners from NEA, our Town Councils etc; and also those who spend the better part of their day outdoors. Their well being is critical and we need to ensure that the directives reflect this clearly.

Our Ministries and agencies will also ensure that the right thing is done for our staff concerned.

We have been coordinating with the various Ministries on our approach. PM will be having a press conference this afternoon. MOM will issue out further statements on this matter then.

Meanwhile, do watch out for the elderly, young and those who have respiratory conditions as they will be most vulnerable to the worsening conditions.


    Grace Fu  (Grace Fu)

Am waiting for my flight back from St. Petersburg. Anxious to get back after being updated about the haze situation. We have to address the problem squarely at source with the help of our close neighbor, Indonesia.

There are many Singaporeans who are doing their utmost best to keep the country functioning and we need to look after their well being. A friend mentioned that her relative is working at our immigration check-point, subject to the bad air. Without these committed officers working to keep the borders open, Singapore will stand still. We should give them better protection.

Meanwhile, a dengue cluster has been reported in Yuhua. I hope the affected residents are fine. I shall pay them a visit once I return. Can’t wait to get back to Singapore.


    K Shanmugam Sc  ( K Shanmugam Sc)

I thank the many people who have given their comments on my post ( posted yesterday), about the limitations within which we work when dealing with haze, because the cause of the haze is burning in Indonesia. Many have given suggestions,and I thank them for that.

I should perhaps make clear two points : there are two aspects to the problem – (1) external ; and (2) internal.

In my post I was dealing with the external : the fact that the burning is taking place within the sovereign territory of Indonesia, and that means there are limits to what we can do under international law.

That does not mean we can do nothing within Singapore. Of course not. Many people have raised questions on health care, masks, cloud seeding for rain, working out doors, what can we do to the companies which are causing this problem – these are all valid questions. All of these relate to what we can do within Singapore, the internal aspect.

Plans on the steps to be taken within Singapore, are in place. Announcements have been made and some of the questions which have been raised, have been dealt with.

The Haze Task force will make further announcements, and set out what needs to be done, depending on the conditions, as they vary. All the relevant Ministries, agencies, are on board – including Health, Environment and Manpower. PM will also chair a press conference later this afternoon.


As we call on employers to take care of their employees who work outdoor, I’m glad to see Mr. Ang Hin Kee (MP Ang Mo Kio GRC, NTUC Labour Movement) and his team working to distribute mask and eye drops to taxi drivers, who are self-employed.

They are also calling for taxi operators to reduce rental and for LTA to waive the 250 km daily min. It’s time for Singaporeans to come together and be kind to one another to show we care.

by Fabrications About The PAP



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