Thank you for keeping watch over Singapore ( PSI 290 , Haze)

Republic of Singapore Navy

The PSI has reached 290 (at 9pm), and in spite of the haze, our patrol vessels are still out patrolling along Singapore Strait – one of the world’s busiest whereby thousands of merchant ships ply daily.

It is not an easy task to navigate in this condition, but for our Maritime Security Taskforce (MSTF), this is their duty and what they do on a daily basis, 24/7.

To our servicemen who have to keep watch in this challenging situation, be safe, be vigilant. Thanks for keeping our waters safe everyday, we are proud of you!


Singapore Civil Defence Force - Singapore, Singapore
Singapore Civil Defence Force

PSI 290 or not. Call 995 during an emergency and we will still be there within seconds in your hour of need.
The Singapore Army - Singapore, Singapore

The Singapore Army

At 9pm today, with PSI reaching 290, The Singapore Army has ceased all outfield training until further notice to ensure the well-being and safety of our Soldiers.

Since this afternoon, we have issued our Soldiers on duty with the N95 masks. Our ground Commanders have also been reminded to keep a close watch on our Soldiers.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will take additional precautionary measures as necessary.
More Reference :  cyberpioneer


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