“The Worker’s Party has shown themselves to be a unscrupulous group”, a sixteen yr old said

A sixteen yr old says : 

Indeed… The pivotal purpose of a government is to serve the people, regardless of political orientation.

The Worker’s Party has shown themselves to be a unscrupulous group, willing to accuse our government (note the lowercase g) simply to tarnish the image of the Government ( PAP) for their own political gain.

I can’t even say that they are honourable but misguided anymore. It’s too bad that they are the largest opposition group, hence voters who wish to curb what they feel as the PAP’s stranglehold on power will naturally be drawn to them.

I’m only sixteen, and in a neighborhood school to boot ,but I shake my head in bewilderment. How did our stable political scene suddenly become so populist?


Quote from a Netizen :

Winning Strategy! 

[How to get free publicity for your political party:

1)   accuse some govt agency of something. Anything.

2)   Wait for Minister or some other prominent politician of the govt to defend the agency.

3)   Invite minister/prominent politician to dialogue. Can be assured of media attention.

4a)   If minister accepts – tio beh pio – go to step 5.

4b)   if minister rejects – accuse him/her of being arrogant, snobbish, unapproachable, unwilling to dialogue, only willing to snipe from his ivory tower, and playing politics. Release press statement. Go to 7a/7b

5)   Make sure press attends dialogue.

6)   Take opportunity to bombard Minister with all sorts of questions. Feel free to deviate from the agenda. Heck throw away the agenda. The situation is already resolved. If Minister tries to stick to the agenda, remind him that the situation is already resolved, and why is he still trying to harp on old news, when WP already agreed to clean the hawker centres from top to bottom; why is he still trying to beat WP with old resolved issues? Is he just trying to score political points?

7a)   If press reports are favourable to WP, mission accomplished.

7b)  if press reports are not favourable, accused media of being the govt’s mouthpiece and not being independent and raise the issue of how Singapore has NO PRESS FREEDOM.]



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