In reply to Mr Pritam Singh, Dr Balakrishnan calls on WP to clean hawker centre and apologise to hawkers, then, he will be happy to invite Mr Low Thia Khiang for a cup of coffee.

By Andrea Ong
Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013

SINGAPORE – Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan has said that the Workers’ Party (WP)

  • should clean up the hawker centres under their charge and
  • apologise to the hawkers involved in a long-running dispute over the cleaning of hawker centres in Aljunied GRC.
Only once the cleaned hawker centres have been inspected would he sit down for a meeting with WP chief Low Thia Khiang, said Dr Balakrishnan on Tuesday.

At that point, I will be happy to invite Mr Low Thia Khiang for a cup of coffee with me,” he said to reporters, adding that the meeting would also have to involve the hawkers.

Dr Balakrishnan was responding to the statement by the WP-run Aljunied-Hougang-Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) on Monday, where town council vice-chairman Pritam Singh invited the minister to a dialogue with the WP MPs “to settle any outstanding matters”.

Mr Singh also charged Dr Balakrishnan with perpetuating divisive politics after he suggested on Sunday that Mr Singh was being untruthful. Hawkers from two markets in Bedok North and NEA have said that the hawkers were asked to pay extra for the cleaning of high areas, but Mr Singh and AHPETC have denied repeatedly that this was the case.

That has been a sticking point in a dispute which flared after one of the markets was not cleaned in March when no scaffolding was erected.

On Tuesday, Dr Balakrishnan said he stood by his comments. “At this point in time, my advice to the Workers’ Party will be clean up the place, apologise to the hawkers,” he said.

Link : Dr Balakrishnan calls on WP to clean hawker centre, apologise

Video link :狮城6点半/ 晚间新闻 Ch 8 news

Some Singaporean says :

  • Still got the cheek to ask for a dialogue.. Seriously they are a waste of tax payer money.. Wasting everybody time.. They got time challenge minister to dialogue yet not time to resolve a simple issue.. OMG..
  • the problem can only be solved by AHPeTC and The Workers Party… That’s to stop wasting time having coffee and start to clean the hawkers center.
    Apologised to the hawkers and the residents, The WP must!
  • The facts are there for all Singaporeans to see. Are we gonna believe WP or the words of those poor hawkers and the civil servants from NEA? WP just needs to settle this with the hawkers and approve the cleaning and not let this boil further. Apologise and let this die down, persist and it’ll be their turn to feel voters’ displeasure for a NATO party. It is now just about damage control for them.


image from the net

image : Fabrications About The PAP

Some Singaporean says :

  • If you don’t make mistakes who can bully you? Dr VB should tell them not happy go report police lor!
  • Pritam Singh, since u did not report police or CPIB, u should go to HL park next to state your point.
  • I see WP bullying hawkers. Do not be so arrogant.
  • A little bit of power and they are already acting so arrogantly. Inviting the minister to a dialogue to ‘settle outstanding matters’ sounds to me like what I saw in some Hong Kong dramas where one big brother extends an ‘invitation’ to another to settle things. If Pritam Singh or Sylvia Lim ever gets to take charge of Singapore, Singapore will die.
  • cant imagine singapore falls into the hands of these liars..

Reference :

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