WP, Ms Sylvia Lim, you expect people to believe that stallholders from 3 different hawker centres conspire with the NEA to sabo you? Politicizing? Crazy!

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Some Singaporean says : 

NEA is only doing its job. Has WP’s Town Council done its job?


Who exactly, in Workers Party definition are the workers and Singaporeans they seek to represent? 
Definitely not hawkers. Too low class for WP perhaps.

Workers Party can, for their own interest, hold the hawkers from 3 hawker centers and used them as collateral damage in order to save face. Imagine Workers Party is the government of the day, would they betray the interest of Singaporeans when they fail?

When you have screwed up, even over a small (cleaning) matter, it is repugnant and infantile to attempt to shift the blame.
The right thing to do is to apologize, correct and seek to move on. The least one can do is to control one’s mouth. Otherwise, you belittle yourself.


 NEA was doing their job. Do their job but kanna accused by the political party?
Of course, have to defend themselves. Civil servants or public servants are NOT the Govt, they serve the Govt of the day, and they make up of citizens who vote according to their wish.


Frankly this whole thing can be resolved with ahpetc saying “sorry we overlooked. Lets see what can be done n move on”.
What’s so difficult about saying sorry? It’s a small thing, probably miscommunication somewhere.
NEA probably has done this hawker center clean up umpteen times, ya.

Now its silly to assume all civil servants are pap. with a big percentage of 40% voting opposition, i m sure there r oppo supporters amongst civil servants, statistically, it just has to be.
Low is not a new mp. After a while all politically motivated talks just become tiring. If one is careful, no one can set u up.


WP likes to play the Victim to milk sympathy votes. Many actually swing to support them because of this wayanging. Since the method works why change?





Want to give $25.9 million worth of contracts to a close associate, at least make sure he can do a decent job. This tactic of WP is getting really tiresome, screw up and then come up with all sorts of bullshit and play the victim again. Stop blaming others and get your act together please.

Just apologise and promise not to take advantage of the stallholders and hawkers again, you expect people to believe that stallholders from 3 different hawker centres conspire with the NEA to sabo you? C’mon WP, you think we are all your adoring and gullible fanbois?


If you cannot even bring yourself to trust the statutory board and government agency whom most likely the same 40% voted for oppositions, and you aspire to be their government?

You had dragged the integrity of the government agency through the mud just because now you cannot vindicated yourself from all the facts brought forth?

Come 2016, please throw out this co-driver for good.”


People used to claim that the ruling party is arrogant. Now, who is more arrogant ? The one whose leader contritely apologized for the short comings of the government, or the one whose leaders never admit any mistakes but twist and turn every argument, conveniently forget what they had wrongfully spoken and instead push responsibilities to others ? Isn’t it pathetic ?


If Workers Party has all along never told the hawkers about the extra fees, and has every intention to bear the full cost, their first response in the first media report by Yeo Soon Fei should logically be a clear and simple denial of the need of extra cost and a reiteration that AHPeTC would bear the full cost instead of emphasizing that no “authorized” staff advise anybody about extra cost.

The 2nd chance came in the 2nd media release by Pritam Singh, which continue to emphasize that no authorized staff advised anybody about extra cost instead of an outright denial of extra cost and a reiteration to bear the full cost.

And finally in the 3rd media release, Pritam Singh admitted the AHPeTC will bear the cost, but he qualified that it applies only to those scheduled for cleaning in 2013 and that AHPeTC decided on this action only to ally “unnecessary anxiety” to the hawkers.


Reference :
1. Aljunied (AHPETC) Town council vs Stallholders at two food centres in Bedok < Episodes 1

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4. $7200 Huat ah! Ajunied (AHPETC) Town Council vs Bedok, Hougang’ Hawkers/ Stallholders < Finale .Dispute resolved

5. NEA Releases Documents In AHPETC Case



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