Most governments controlling media are dictatorships. Singapore isn’t – it’s just led by common sense,

Overheard :

Michal P : 
As a guy from the Western world all I can say is – control the media! And I think Singaporeans are doing it the right way. Not too much control – just sift away the BS and hate speech. Hopefully that will cut down the population of online whiners too 

Honestly speaking I don’t think the West is a good model for handling media. The way it spiraled out of control is just terrible – and disgusting. Media no longer inform – they misinform and distort reality. They prey on conflicts and instead of toning them down they blow it out of proportion, which destroys human trust and will for cooperation. Europe is in a very bad situation because of that – and it can only get worse with all the minorities growing in population.


>>                 then breed a population that is controlled with fear

Michal P :
 I don’t think fear is a good word – “discipline” I’d say. The best places to live in the world are no longer in the West. They are in Asia. Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan – each is way ahead of Europe and the US, when it comes to real quality of life. Safe, well-organized, clean.

And what all they have in common is a large degree of self-responsibility and discipline. 

What happens in Europe now is – everybody is still free to bash everybody. That means if some idiot in draws a comic laughing off Mahomet, the “free” media will pick it up and make it a cover story, just to stir the situation up.

There is NO “free media” anywhere. They’re either controlled by money or controlled by governments. Most governments controlling media are dictatorships. Singapore isn’t – it’s just led by common sense, because having so many ethnicities + a lot of foreigners they need to make sure no moron is going to start a conflict that will torch the whole country.

Actually, on the topic of fear I think no societies are currently getting more and more anxious than European ones. If every single day of the year you read and hear that everything is getting worse, that somebody killed/raped/robbed/kidnapped somebody, companies go bankrupt, some politicians take bribes, investments are getting halted your outlook of the future is very grim.

That’s what polls show as well. Even though in real terms they are still doing well, they’re less and less optimistic. I totally hate that. The media focus on the 10% of things that go wrong, not on 90% that are good.


>>                       the economy is doing badly – nothing to do with media that is reality!

well I didn’t mean the economic situation in Europe but other phenomenons. For example – political participation rates. Less and less people go vote in most countries in Europe. Politicians are more and more distrusted. And there is no logical basis for that.

Do you think Francois Miterrand was a different person than Hollande is today?

Are politicians of today so much worse that people hate them more and more? Nope.

But 20, 30, 40+ years ago politicians could actually focus on doing their work and not dodging bullets every single day. People are bombarded with completely useless information, while they very rarely get informed of anything positive or constructive. 

The biggest story for many weeks in France was the fact that the former minister of justice didn’t know who she had baby with.
Really? Is that what should occupy a 60M+ nation?

15 years ago you could turn on the TV and listen to a relatively calm political debate. Today every interview is like a boxing match – question, 10 seconds, question, 10 seconds… boom, boom, boom! The person doesn’t even have the time to answer.

And outside politics – trust towards strangers is decreasing. Perception of crime is getting worse even though the statistics are improving. Not to mention the topic of Muslim minorities – which go into many millions in Europe, yet media will prey on single acts of violence. I can continue for hours.

“Journalists” in Europe are nowadays just pretty faces who want to make a career on scandals, fights, conflicts. There is no substance in modern European media. I think UK is one of the counties still doing fairly well in this respect – but it’s a country with way more than 100 years of experience in democracy.

Btw, the chief reason Singaporean government was able to pull off such an amazing transformation in this city is the fact that they had peace in the media. They didn’t have to bribe the society, they didn’t have morons nagging them every five minutes, they didn’t have to fight on the TV, in the press or the internet. They could focus on doing their jobs, not doing “politics”.

Media are always controlled – it’s only the choice who does it. As far as I’ve seen, the Singaporean authorities do it the best in the world. Maybe not perfectly – but certainly better than anywhere. And combating hate speech is their main achievement.



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