Free My Internet .Why Protest When You Don’t Even Believe In and Practice The Things you Are Protesting against?

Shared by WH :

The easiest way to govern and rule people is to keep them stupid and uneducated. Depriving them from information and knowledge are some of the surest ways to keep subjects subjugated!

But the PAP government since 1959, always kept up with education reforms.

  • Getting the people to school, making it compulsory.
  • Bursaries to keep the poor in school, be educated!
  • Be it a university degree or an industrial education, we have one of finest in the world.
  • Expediting the Internet growth and investing heavily in laying of fibre optics cables so citizens can get fastest access to information via Internet.

And you are telling me the PAP government is a power crazy party, wanting to keep the people subjugated via censorship and licensing?

Herein, through the system they had set up, a wide arrays and avenues of information open right before you. You can curse swear even beyond the boundary of our borders even beyond virtually for almost infinity!

Yes, I “believe” that PAP government deliberately want to censor you!

And please while you are at it to blank out your blogs or sites in protest, might as well keep it black out perpetually and have some integrity for your cause!

Why give credence to the licensing exercise? Just delete, log off!

Otherwise still not happy report CPIB!

image from Fabrications About The PAP


Some Singaporean says : 

  • LOL! They practiced more censorship online than the government does! They are real hippopotamus! A double serving of hypocrites!
  • Freedom of internet and speech only own my own terms & conditions… noble?
  • Well, if the oppies want freedom of speech, THEY HAVE TO STOP DELETING MY COMMENTS ON THEIR SITES/FACEBOOK PAGES!!!!
  • This is a very good point isn’t it? Even ONE comment on these website, with an Exposure of possibly Only 0.1% of MDA’s 50k readership (already generous), is deemed by these site owners as being something that requires Moderation, or be Removed/Deleted if it is not “desirable” or “in line” with their thinking.

    THEN isn’t MDA’s requirement for sites with HUGE readership to be Moderated a VERY VERY Fair request?

    These sites are Only looking at Issues affecting Only Their Sites, MDA is responsibly for Issues Affecting Our COUNTRY.

    Isn’t it a VERY VERY Fair and Important Request by Comparision?

    Why Protest When You Don’t Even BeLieve In and Practice The Things you Are Protesting against?

  • Opposition moderation as long as they do not like your comments. Govt censorship only if the content touch on racial, religion and sex n violence related issues. Yet people are against that. So interesting.

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